Buffa’s 5 things: Delroy Lindo’s SAG snub for ‘Da 5 Bloods’ is an appalling oversight

Time for all the dark and wicked to fly out of my brain, ladies and gentlemen. The words that only an opinion doctor can give.

Justin Faulk is proof that patience rewards sports fans more than initial doubt ever will. Do you really think those years in Carolina were a fluke or just a product of a system? Come on. Fault is a talented defenseman who needed time to settle into Craig Berube’s system, finding out where he could exist on this team. A silver lining to the Alex Pietrangelo departure is that players like Faulk got a bigger piece of the pie. A power play performer, the guy faked three players out of their skates the other night. I thought it was his stunt double or something. Nope. Just a guy who has fully arrived in St. Louis. Maybe read more about Faulk’s comeback campaign for a website called:

St. Louis Jewish Light! The good news is that you can find my content at another site. The other good news is that this gig allows your guy to retire from driving. On the eve week of my 39th birthday, my mom got a gift. She hated when I drove. Every time I saw her, I got the puppy eyes and a question: “Are you driving tonight, Dan?” If I said no, I was a hero. If I said yes, my mom had another layer of worry to add to her already oversized collection. The Jewish light job allows me to earn more as a writer, and find some stability in my chosen profession. There will still be words over at KSDK News (for now) and St. Louis Game Time (I loved writing for Laura too much) around the net, but here’s what you have gotten from me this week via STL Jewish Light:

Where Nolan Arenado should visit first in St. Louis

Why you should binge Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” right now and things to know beforehand

The backstory of Blues rookie sensation Jordan Kyrou

5 things to know about that Arenado fella

Give those links a click and read. Led by Jordan Palmer, we are creating some fun and informative content over there. Tomorrow, I offer up my Super Bowl pick and breakdown (my one and only NFL article of the year).

Here’s my Matt Carpenter wish. Be a Swiss Army knife for the Cardinals. Super utility or just someone to draw a walk or hit a walk-off home run on a late mistake, Carpenter could be a nice, yet expensive, weapon this season. Be one for three months before the trade deadline hits. That’s the wish.

Attention, Screen Actors Guild awards nominating bodies, you forgot all about Delroy Lindo today during your glitzy Instagram announcement rendition. With all due respect to his late co-star, Chadwick Boseman (who should win for “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”), it was Lindo’s stunning work in Spike Lee’s “Da 5 Bloods” that deserved a nomination. Watch that movie and try not to be moved and mesmerized by what he created. Shame on you. The Golden Globes are a joke, but you were the opposite of that until tonight. Get it right. The only fault on the film’s part is running Lindo in Best Actor. It’s just too crowded and could lead to something shitty like this. Biggest upset since two judges awarded Timothy Bradley a win over Manny Pacquiao. Truth!

Finally. This attack in Forest Park made me sick. A woman running through the park last Saturday afternoon was viciously attacked. This is where we need to worry about the future of our species. It doesn’t matter who sits in the throne if the people are taking each other out! Why did a man feel the need to beat up a woman? What world is he living in where he thinks this behavior can manage to exist?!! It pisses me off. She said in court that this incident is going to scar her for life essentially, that she isn’t comfortable being alone anymore. One asshole did that. I hope he gets EVERYTHING that’s coming his way.



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