Buffa’s 5 Things: Why Kevin Costner’s ‘Robin Hood’ movie is the best, among other things

Some people have a death wish. 

As I drove down Kingshighway Boulevard last night, a man was walking south on a northbound lane. Off to the far right of the road, draped in black next to a dark Tower Grove park, he was in the other lane, and a car barely avoided him at the last second. A few weeks ago, while delivering food with my dad, a man was almost struck by our car as it traveled north on Ballas Road out by Interstate 64. I don’t get it. Choosing that way out is a potentially painful exit. It’s best to call a friend, second guess that night walk, and stick around.

This reminds of an incident a couple of years ago. Heading downtown on I-55 north (something about northbound travel in this town makes people howl at the moon), I came within feet of hitting someone head-on. He was standing in the middle of a lane, one closer to the edge of the highway. He wanted to be flattened, but I avoided him and kept going. I thought about calling the cops, but part of me found no use.

The message is clear: Stop walking down dark, crowded roads. Your demise will not only impact the people who love and care for you, but you will surely send the driver into a lifelong depression as well. Think about others. I know it’s hard, but the equity over time is worth it. Now, onto the rest of my five things.

Apparently, Robin Hood is pissing people off this morning. Something about blocking access to certain stocks and something else. I’ve never dealt directly in stock trading. Nothing against those who do, or the practice in understanding how to make money, only something I never got into. But being that I am a film critic, it’s best to inform you here that the best, and only great Robin Hood movie, is “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” Kevin Costner at his action hero best, Alan Rickman rollicks in swords and sandals Hans Gruber mode, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio keeping the men in check, Morgan Freeman adding sage leadership, and a younger Christian Slater entering his prime. Add in the Sean Connery cameo, and just don’t even bother serving the ball. Game, set, match!

Yadier Molina’s best spot may still be St. Louis, but that can change in a single signing. Apparently, Adam Wainwright is seeing attention from the San Diego Padres, among other clubs. If Wainwright heads to San Diego, the Padres could bring in Molina as well. They have catching depth, but nothing of Molina’s stature and caliber. Austin Nola can swing the bat, but has limited experience, and the other two options aren’t highly appealing at the moment. Would the Padres let Molina play as much as he’d like? That would depend, but if he wanted to join #50 and really go for a World Series, that would be the route. St. Louis doesn’t currently hold World Series aspirations.

Please tip your delivery drivers. I can’t believe I actually have to type this. Postmates, Uber Eats, Door Dash, Pizza Hut, Eats of the Hut, Mates from the Post, whatever. Tip your damn driver! If he/she/they do the job right and get your food to the front door in a reasonable time, throw them some cash. We’re making around $3-5 before tip. That’s it. It’s not like Uber, where the trip wage isn’t laughable. And it’s not like choosing to tip or not tip in a room temperature-controlled environment (even though you SHOULD tip your waiter/waitress if they do well). Rideshare food delivery couriers are going to get your food, waiting on it (sometimes 20-30 minute), driving it to your doorstep, and doing so for a very small charge. Either stop being lazy or start tipping. Food delivery apps don’t pay out much. The tips make all the difference. So, be a good lad and TIP!

The Blues will be okay, people. Early season performances are usually uneven or misleading. They get off to a fast start and then plummet for two weeks, or they get going slowly. I’d rather see them take off and bring it all together around time for the big impact games. Here’s something. Justin Faulk, as some predicted, looks a lot better in year #2 in blue. Those years in Carolina weren’t imaginary, folks. Be patient with him and the team. They haven’t tasted normalcy in months, and spent a good portion of the 2020 summer far away from their families. As a guy named Steve once said, it’s a process.

Just like life, an endless process. Thanks for reading and please be kind to others. Except Stan Kroenke, you can be a complete jackass to him!

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