Here’s What I Know: Take care of your family, watch ‘Cobra Kai’, and don’t be a dick

It’s almost as if the previous year never left. Instead, the fickle beast returned for another round.

You know what I’m talking about. The nation-shaking event that took place at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. A place we used to refer to as hollow ground is now slightly worse for wear. There’s no need to keep on diving down that rabbit hole.

Make no mistake. It doesn’t matter where you stand in the political arena. Every step includes a landmine of some sort, set to blow up in your face at any moment. It’s not worth it in the end, but every being of your soul is barking. Loud and clear, the voices simply can’t be kept in the head. I took to Facebook and Twitter, throwing harmless hand grenades into the streams of thousands across the world.

Here’s what I think, take it or leave it. After a while, you just get tired. I quit. I put on a movie called “Over the Moon,” with hopes of it landing in my animated category. But the Netflix film was just fine, good enough to take the time, but far from noteworthy. Maybe that’s why “Soul” is so unique, because it tackles territories that few other cartoon makers go after. It’s like the little less old and grumpier version of “Up,” but with great music. I didn’t leave “Over the Moon” completely let down, but the big time appeal simply wasn’t there.

Then I turned back to politics. CNN, NBC, Fox, whatever talking head is spinning. I just want the facts, pictures, evidence, and interviews where the speaker doesn’t look tired or restless. Twitter was on fire and Facebook was close behind, so I dove into make believe with “Cobra Kai.”

What a delightful show. Sure, you could say the dialogue is extra cheesy and the fight choreography can be redundant, but both of those attributes aren’t exactly negative. We aren’t tuning into the show for a Daniel Day Lewis Oscar route; a nostalgic trip down memory lane with just enough substance will do.

And how about William Zabka?!? A weary poor man’s Josh Lucas, he unveils the angst in Johnny Lawrence’s with one long grimace or stare, even if he is a real big teddy bear. (Okay, that last bit was fully intended to land the rhyme and had little to do with the actual content.)Hat tip to Ralph Macchio too, who offers a sage if vengeful reprisal of Daniel LaRusso. What he lacks in range is made up for by the confidence in his line reads and the clear lines below his eyes and in between his cheeks. Seeing both of these actors go head to head in vintage 80’s fashion is classic popcorn theater. I get to turn my brain off and just relax. Anyway, that’s what I’m watching.

Here’s what I know. It’s what I always know, really. Just take care of your family, and don’t be a dick. Be calm AND nice to others more often. It’s not a donation, but it should be a regularity. Wherever you stand on politics, just remember that the only way out of this overheated cockpit is with each other. Together. United, we stand-with the real possibility of falling.

So lean on your loved ones, keep an eye out for each other, and continue to be good eggs in a fragile world. I hope all my readers are good eggs. Right?That’s it. No more filler where I break down the multitudes of reasons for you to watch Jon Favreau’s “Chef” on Netflix, or explore the brilliance of Riz Ahmed’s tortured drummer on Amazon Video with “Sound of Metal.”

Whatever you do, just get after it and enjoy the time. The honest truth is I do not take old age for granted. You don’t get to pre-order a ticket to that show. My family is healthy for the most part, but there have been some bumps in the road, so I have to be ready.

Live like there is no day after tomorrow, you know. Take care.

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