5 facts about me, and quite a few others

I am a social butterfly. 150% someone who just needs to talk to that person. There’s a need to investigate that particular soul, try to make him/her/them laugh, and see if a friend is made.

So when I was sitting at my Twitter desk, trying to ignite the brain and think of others, a few facts seemed to be the way. I delivered five things about me, and they were random bits of the past that tripped and fell off the side of my head.

Football was something bound to hurt me, so I quit early on. Stick shift is not forte, and hockey was the most fun I had playing a sport in high school. Later on in this article, I add a few more facts to my list. But what prompted this piece was the response to the tweet. Sometimes, the best role the supposed star can do is step aside and allow others to shine through. What follows are the comments/quote tweets I received following my fact drop.

Mud Hogs is good people, even if he’s criminally wrong about Cage, one of cinema’s wackiest and most versatile performers. But the hole in one deserves respect.

A car, bad Cards teams, and Richard Nixon’s smile couldn’t scare Mark. He’s the best supporter a writer could ask for.

Schumacher was very underrated. People often forget that the famous Chris Carpenter-Roy Halladay playoff showdown in 2011 remains scoreless if not for Skip’s clutch RBI. Respect to the man who wouldn’t stop tightening his batting gloves.

Neal is a good egg.

250 people in a town is how every other Coen Brothers film starts, or should start. Good stuff, Ben.

Cheers to Noah for his ten years of service!

75 to 80 mph in high school would have seemed like 110 mph to me.

Keep  Bozo away from Tiffany!

The Vintage Baseball bit is the coolest part of that list. But the degrees before 26 deserves a wow as well.

Randy has a signature voice, and great opinions on sports as well.

49 is one Liz will never forget.

#1 takes the cake. “I love you guys.” What a film.

I love all of it except for the bread part. Like, what?!

I’m the same way with postseason sports. Cheers to that, Joel.

Basically, KT is a Marvel heroine. Rock star list.

Pitchers should like when Steven is in attendance.

If George had to choose between reenacting the Cool Hand Luke egg-eating scene or coming up against a snake, what would he choose?

You had me at “can’t drive a stick.”

Matt’s life is a Netflix mini-series coming next summer.

#4 my friend, we are brothers.

Kudos to your superhero six-year-old son!!

#5, about AP5. Nicely done, Casey.

Rob is a very interesting fella. Hardcore “living life to the fullest” specialist.


I can confirm #3. Alan was searching for some protein at Schnucks, and I could have swore he was going to yell, “Petro sucks!” Haha. Alan is a good dude and sharp hockey mind.

Emily is one of my favorite follows.

The projector ability is top notch. I’ve watched other wizards to that in 15-20 seconds, but not ten!

Margaret is a badass: confirmed!

Catch Dani in Twisters 2 this fall!

Hello, fellow southpaw.

Samantha is simply terrific. Hardcore hockey fan who lives right.

I too suck at golf. I make a wonderful silent caddy, though.

Hail to the almighty F-bomb! The suicide lane on Manchester produces 25 fucks per minute from a passing passenger.


Jim Breuer’s Gadhafi is legendary. And Chris is a good follow.

The baseball part is what scared every time I played baseball. Cheers to SpittinFactsSTL for kicking its ass.

Scott’s attention to detail, and rage towards the Cubs, is as healthy as ever.

13 tattoos! Rach is tough!

Sports are cartoons are a winning combination. Robbie is a great supporter of me, and I don’t forget it.

We will have to disagree hard on #5, good sir.

LOVE the Pippen bit.

How could you miss Edmonds’ styling hair!?!

8 interceptions is better than 9 interceptions! Also, how many were straight-up shitty tosses or deflections?

100+ children’s books?! Nice work, sir.

When Lux tweets, or posts a cool video on Instagram, the world wins. She’s bright, charismatic, funny, honest, and wicked inventive on the IG. Respect to Lady Lux.

Back in the day, like a Tuesday, I could probably challenge #4. I played over 100 games a week, and just lived in a pool hall. But these day, Mr. Adams would wipe the floor with me while I got lost in his beard.

If everybody in the world could hear Lern’s wonderful laugh, their lives would be better.

Another very interesting person here. 12 sharts isn’t that bad, my friend.

I wouldn’t say I know Gene best, but I have gotten to know him a little more in the past couple years, and he’s as loyal as they come. Good egg.

Love at 35 with coffee?! Nice.

47 lists. 235 facts learned and digested. It’s like having a conversation on the largest Zoom conference ever. This is the prime rib of Twitter’s intent, or it has to be. People from all across the world pulling back the curtain just enough to entice interest and discussion.

Now that you have heard from them, here are a few more facts about me.

~I am people’s person, but there’s nothing like quiet time after midnight with just you and your thoughts.

~I carry a love/hate relationship with treadmills.

~I can appreciate a good action film better than most.

~If you ruin my steak, I won’t kill you. I’ll just ask for extra fries.

~I don’t absolutely don’t love any kind of alcohol. Bourbon, beer, and a Bloody Mary are lovely ideas and rides, but none of them are necessities. They aren’t as important as something else … and with that little bit of mystery, I will bring this invigorating dose to an end.





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