Frank O. Pinion may be leaving 590 The Fan, but he’s not done with radio yet

“Two weeks from today will be our last show. “

We all know by now. The Large Morning Show in The Afternoon is coming to a close at 590 The Fan. Bad news doesn’t need an intro. It’s just a piercing feeling followed by a resilience that reminds you the show must go on. Here, that carries two meanings. I still have two more weeks left before KFNS can officially say they’ve had enougha. Also, this isn’t the end of me talking film and TV with Frank.

No way. I refuse to believe it for a variety of reasons, chief among them being the unbreakable success O. Pinion has enjoyed on the air. He’s been at this longer than I have been alive, and that’s not a quiet smack. You only accomplish that if you can sell yourself, the show, and keep it strong for long enough so the money doesn’t eventually run away. I’ve experienced the other end of the road in that department, finding my limitation resided in my inability to sell radio advertising. I could talk all day, but my face couldn’t even sell at night. Frank has loyal listeners AND sponsors, which always keeps someone in the game. There will be a sequel, ladies and gentlemen.

Frank and company present a challenging and highly rewarding experience for me. It’s not always easy to get a word in, or maintain everyone’s attention with a review, but the hour never bores and the time flows like a river on a spring day. Having hosted a weekday two-hour morning for eight months, I can spell out what makes an hour sour and forgettable. It’s the inability to not spike but hold one’s attention with your words. A group always works better and the afternoon drive 590 gang has done a fine job of that.

I’ve reviewed films with them nearly as long as they’ve been at KFNS, a time period that spans three years but feels like so much longer. I always come in and leave with a smile. It’s a place where I have learned so much about getting it right. I learned how to pronounce Gosling, Theron (No Ron Swanson, DAN!, and even Gadot (for the record, screw that “proper” way of saying Gal’s name).

You need thick skin to participate on a radio show, unless you’re on the dullest show known to man. Good banter starts with a cold burn, and then everyone jumps in. It’s a free fall that is only halted by the need to show the sponsors love. But after the business, the fun continues.

I’ll miss that. I need that. The main reason I have a strong belief 2021 doesn’t start without a new home for Frank, Tim Woodburn, Trevor “Limey” Phillips, and Dan Strauss. Where else will you hear live calls with Clint Eastwood, Mike Shannon, Jack Nicholson. and on occasion, John Goodman.

“Let’s get the show started somewhere else.”

It will continue. Frank will tell you that. His listeners will tell you the same thing. This is not the end. Here’s last week’s segment.

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