The Frank O. Pinion Entertainment Segment, Episode #72: Are ‘The Boys’ worth your time?

There are particular genres of the movie and television show industry that certain people don’t care for. No matter who stars in and who directs it, this audience is just put off.

For Frank O. Pinion, it’s superhero movies and any film with subtitles. Take it or leave it, it’s what he prefers and doesn’t prefer. You can’t change a person’s mind if it’s not even in the building you wanting to sell him. Forget it.

But Amazon’s “The Boys” was something I thought the host of the Large Morning Show in the Afternoon would like. There are superheroes, but this twisted world with extra warp, they are the antagonists. The globally marketable men and women in tights are made in the science department of a large corporation that is taking advantage of the social media-boosted day and age of worldwide communication.

Instead of Superman, you get Antony Starr’s Homelander, who may look nice and smile wide, but is deep down a very bad person. It’s up to guys like Karl Urban’s civilian avenger to take down corrupt super-humans like Homelander, but he needs help … hence the plural version of the title.

I got a wild kick out of this show, but Frank wasn’t interested. Find out what else we spoke about last week on 590 The Fan right here.

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