The Frank O. Pinion Entertainment Segment, Episode #68: Why ‘Ozark’ getting one final season to end is smart

This week on The Large Morning Show in The Afternoon, there was a need to impose my will.

You see, every week, I come on the air with Frank O. Pinion and company around 4:13 p.m., signaling my theme music and introduction. After he does a live read, Frank will bring me on and we will talk about the latest and greatest in entertainment, movies and television.

Now, Frank always offers up what he’s been watching first. Normally, he will say, “I have a couple things before we get to you.” Which is great. Part of what makes Frank great is that he doesn’t hesitate to give his opinion and elaborate on it; he likes to gain a sense of control in the room. More often than not, he hits upon one of my talking points, which sets us off on the 45 minute conversation.

Sometimes, he will do his couple things and want to hit the phone lines immediately. This may not bode well for me if I had a couple reviews and a long list of news topics to go over, but I don’t make that mistake. I come in with one strong review and a backup, along with one or two news items.

When we go to the callers, it’s a fun time. People offer their recommendations, what they’ve watched and liked. It’s the top of the mountain for a radio listener. You are acknowledged by the host and his guest, and get your voice out there. We do it every Tuesday afternoon.

But this week, I had a great slice of news I wanted to share. News that came out only hours before. It was about Netflix’s hit show, “Ozark.” A series about a husband-wife drug money laundering operation at The Lake of the Ozarks that hit an all-time high with its third season. In addition to Tom Pelphrey’s Emmy-worthy performance, the plot and character work was superb. More is good, and that’s what Netflix is providing.

A fourth and final season of “Ozark” arrives sometime, hopefully, next year. It will consist of two seven-part seasons. 14 episodes total to wrap the Byrde story line, which will definitely get bloody before it gets nice. The third season literally ended with Marty and Wendy’s faces covered in blood after their boss executed one of his workers right in front of them. Nothing like witnessing someone’s light go out and then have the killer drape his arms around you in a loving embrace. That’s “Ozark” and why it’s brilliant. All of that works and fits the tone of the show, so you are horrified but not too surprised.

More of that will be good whenever it arrives.

There was more on the show. You can listen to it all here.


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