The Frank O. Pinion Entertainment Segment, Episode #67: ‘Kingdom’ is the MMA show you need in your life

Cancel your plans this week. Save your strength for the Fourth of July celebration. There’s great television to watch and it revolves around fighting, family, and the messiness that life can throw at you.

“Kingdom” debuted on DirecTV’s streaming platform, which included original programming and taped entertainment talk shows. This was one of their earliest series, a show starring Frank Grillo-known mostly at that point for his role in the Marvel Universe and the new face of “The Purge” franchise-as a retired MMA champion working with his kids at a gym called Navy Street.

Those kids were played by Jonathan Tucker and none other than Nick Jonas, who had built his career on music up to that point. Matt Lauria, Kiele Sanchez, and Paul Walter Hauser co-starring with grizzled talents like the Gingerbread freckled warrior, Mac Brandt.

A show that never got its due with its original television producer will find new life this week on Netfix. Starting July 1, “Kingdom” will be available in its entirety, with all 40 episodes landing on the popular streaming network at once. While it concluded with plenty of gas left in the tank nearly three years ago, this show left a sizable dent in its cult audience.

I’m hoping by next week people will talking about Byron Balasco’s show just like they did when Paramount Network’s “Waco” landed on Netflix.

“Kingdom” is pretty much all I talked about last week with Frank O. Pinion and company on The Large Morning Show in The Afternoon. Listen to the full audio right here.

It’s all I will be talking about the rest of the summer. In the middle of a pandemic, some “Kingdom” would be a fine idea.

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