The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: The Aaron Hernandez Netflix doc is a fascinating case study

This week on the Large Morning Show in the Afternoon, I had a chance to review a couple television shows, but no movies.

Sometimes, an hour of radio can fly when you are debating television programs, taking phone calls from listeners, and trying to cram everything you need into that allotted time frame. While I had reviews of “Bad Boys for Life” and “Dolittle” set to fire out during this hour, there simply wasn’t enough time.

What we did discuss was the following:

*The new Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix. Interviews, testimony, and essentially a three episode case study into what made a seemingly elite NFL tight end snap and commit murder.

*HBO’s new show, “The Outsider,” starring Jason Bateman, Ben Mendolsohn, and Cynthia Erivo. Based on a Stephen King novel and carrying supernatural elements, the drama series surrounds the viewer in mystery about what happened to a young boy and whether or not a highly respected member of the community (Bateman), killed him or not.

That’s it. There were jokes, impersonations, and per usual, outside the box moments that couldn’t be explained a few days later.

Here’s the full hour.

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