The Alec Ingram tribute is proof of the goodness in humanity

The human species is capable of incredible things.

While the bitter ensures the sweetness of life’s events, there are certain moments one can champion above most acts of kindness.

Take the Alec Ingram tribute this past weekend.

The 14-year-old Washington, Missouri native may have lost a battle with cancer, but he won the legacy game hands down. It was his dying wish to have a sports car parade occur at his funeral. I am sure the kid had hoped for a couple hundred cars to show up. In the end, 2,100 cars and 100 motorcycles showed up for Alec.

The streets may have looked like the set of the latest Fast & The Furious movie, but in truth it was a display of fierce love and adoration of a kid who gave until it was gone in a fight with a rare bone cancer. It was another sign that when the chips are down, people will show up in droves to support a good cause.

It’s not always easy to spot, not in a world overrun with violence, even in the United States. In the past 72 hours, a pair of random mass shootings took place. The total for the year will be depressing once again. For some reason, humans want to hurt each other and it’s an endless debate on how to fix it. Regulations on gun ownership, mental health reform, and a dozen other things have been brought up.

Here’s what you can do. Show kindness for people. Bring it out for strangers. Just look at what thousands of people did for one 14-year-old boy. Seeing strangers come out and show kindness when they didn’t have to should remind you what this species is capable of.

There are few things worse than child cancer. Someone who hasn’t even experienced the age of innocence being taken too soon. It’s the brutal reminder that life is a privilege and not a given. While none of us are making it out of here alive, the need to make every moment count is primitive. The fight to battle and defeat cancer will wage on for decades.

While that fight isn’t being won yet, seeing tributes like the one Ingram received reminds us a few rounds are being won elsewhere. It’s not all doctors and scientists in this fight; everyday people can make a difference.

There’s something instantly heartwarming about it. The fact that we all aren’t alone out here.

If you’ve lost your faith in humanity, remember the Alec Ingram story.


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