The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: Favorite football movies discussion

There are a few weekends during the year when no major releases come out. A couple of times, you won’t even find independent film releases. The weekend before Labor Day was one of those occasions, so when I strolled into the 590 The Fan studios on Sept. 3, I had to call an audible.

With the NFL kicking off a fresh season and fantasy football owners neck deep in stats and league information, it was a good time to talk about football movies.

We went around the room and fired off our picks. The classics were listed, films like “Rudy,” “Brian’s Song,” “Remember The Titans,” “Heaven Can Wait.”

My personal favorite is “Any Given Sunday,” Oliver Stone’s blunt opus about the rigorous aspect of the game, both on and off the field. Al Pacino was excellent, as was Jamie Foxx and Dennis Quaid. Also, it includes one of the greatest speeches in the history of film.

A caller put out a great one: Mark Wahlberg’s “Invincible.” I have liked “The Program” with James Caan.

There was other news and bits read off during the hour. Tuesday was a true “anything goes” type of segment.

Here’s the link to listen.


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