The Frank O. Opinion Movie Dose, 4-2-19: ‘The Mustang’, ‘Hotel Mumbai’ reviews

This week, I reviewed a pair of solid independent films. The kind of movies that one can only hope Hollywood continues to produce even if they don’t bring in a lot of money.

What movies? “The Mustang” and “Hotel Mumbai.” One is a character study revolving around the rehabilitation of a violent convict in a wild mustang program, while the other is a taut thriller detailing the events of a tragedy in India.

Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre’s film featured a star-making performance from Matthias Schoenaerts, who has only appeared in a few American films that movie fans would notice or recall. The director’s use of the camera is sublime, deliberate, and shows a sage flair for her first time in the chair.

During the review of the former, Frank and the crew got into a long-winded discussion about mustangs, including their origin, meaning, and everyone’s experiences riding a horse.

15 minutes later, I dug into Anthony Maras’ film about the attack on The Taj Hotel. A relentless film that doesn’t include manufactured hero moments or turns the head during point blank killings.

A few words about “Dumbo” also made it into the discussion, after Frank took a few calls.

Here’s the listening link.

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