In defense of Kevin Steincross

One mistake shouldn’t define someone.

It is true that being human can lead to a number of liabilities in our life: saying things to be regretted; doing things that one wishes could be taken back. Unlike what the movies tell us, we can’t go back and fix it. All one can do is repair what was done and try to move on and be better.

Last week, FOX 2 broadcaster, Kevin Steincross, had a slip-up on the air. With Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the horizon, Kevin mispronounced one of the words in the famous civil rights leader’s name, with the insertion of a racial slur being the result. A pure mistake, one that has led to escalating circumstances in the days following the on-air error.

The St. Louis County NAACP wants KTVI (Channel 2) to fire Steincross to appease their hurt feelings about something that he didn’t even mean or say with intent. In our racially-charged times, it’s getting harder and harder for some people to stop and differentiate between a mistake and something halfway normal.

This was the first on-air mistake made by Steincross. He has a perfect record. You won’t find an arrest record or issues on his resume or history. There’s nothing there. He’s a good person. How I do know that? Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to know Kevin and talk to him on several occasions, spending afternoons at the movies. We are film critics here in St. Louis, and I always enjoy my time with him.

You won’t find a judgmental bone in Kevin’s body, and will have to find Jeremy Renner’s tracker from Wind River to find a mean trace in his DNA. It simply doesn’t exist. Racism doesn’t live there either, which is why I am confused at the outcry this week.

Let’s review a few things:

First, Steincross didn’t even finish his show before apologizing on the air for his mistake. He owned it right away, and after a meeting with KTVI, the issue appeared to be squashed and moved on from.

Second, he’s never been known to say these any of these type of things before. This isn’t a pattern, so please stick your bloodhound noses elsewhere.

Third, while there have been broadcasters who have made the same mistake Steincross did and got fired for it, there have been plenty of other cases where the mistake was made and a job was kept. If one did some digging into those circumstances where the person lost his or her job, there’s probably more to the story lying under a little dirt.

Fourth, KTVI came out in support of Steincross immediately, so there’s the first stance. Up to this point, the news station hasn’t deviated from that support system. Doing so now will puncture their credibility and put the rest of their on-air personalities on watch. You don’t want to send that message.

Firing Steincross would be a mistake. A bad one that would cause to condemn Channel 2 and go on a further tirade against them. Steincross is a good person. All you have to do is look in his past and see what he’s done.

He started at Fox2 as a general news reporter in 1996 before taking over the co-anchor job two years later. Prior to KTVI, Steincross had worked in Columbia, Missouri, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. He earned a bachelor’s degree at Baylor University, and a Master’s Degree from Columbia University in New York. He’s a well-educated man who, via his bio page on KTVI, fell into the industry while serving as a contestant with Gladys Knight on The Pyramid.

He calls St. Louis home, and has interviewed Jennifer Lopez, Denzel Washington, and recently, Lady Gaga, at the Critics Choice Awards. He was born in Alabama, but grew up in Missouri. St. Louis is his home, and where wants to be.

Do you need to know more? Just head over and read his full bio. It’s all there. No hiding or skeletons in his closet.

This is giant overreaction. If the NAACP was calling for a suspension or something along those lines, one could see a reasonable argument there. While I don’t think he should be suspended or fined or whatever, that is reasonable than taking away a man’s job for a simple mistake. A mistake many have made.

In all of this, many are forgetting the values of the man Steincross was addressing. What would Martin Luther King Jr. say about this situation? The powerful leader who preached forgiveness over vengeance, love over hate, and the integrity of one’s soul over the anger located inside a person. I’d like to wager he would forgive Steincross immediately. King Jr. heard it from many people with true intent in their words before his untimely death in 1968. He would know the difference.

Let’s preach King Jr.’s ideals and values, and back off this pledge to see some brand of rogue justice be served. What’s the learning curve here? What will Steincross learn? Everybody makes mistakes. The key is to recognize the human frailty and forgive. That’s all part of being human.

Does the fact that I know him make some of this bias? You bet it does, but this isn’t a political stance or an employer writing an extended defense. I am Kevin’s friend who doesn’t like what he sees happening. I’ve had several friends make real mistakes that they paid for in the past, and I didn’t hesitate to stand on the other side. Here, there is only one side to be on. The one that supports Kevin Steincross.

Here’s a scenario before I leave you. What if you made a minor mistake at your job? Something others have done before, and you swore wasn’t intentional. Things happen, right? How would you feel if the employer wanted to fire you for that small mishap? Imagine putting in over 20 years at that place and hearing this possible reaction. It’d be mind-boggling.

I wrote this tonight to support my friend, Kevin Steincross. He’s seeing unjust treatment, and I don’t like it at all. Take your movement or need to protest somewhere else. Find a better game to play in a different area of the yard. Find a better case. This isn’t it.

I urge you to share this, or write your own defense of Kevin. He’s a good man who deserves solid support.

If we aren’t making mistakes, we aren’t human.

Show some compassion this January.

Thanks for reading,



54 thoughts on “In defense of Kevin Steincross

  1. Please reconsider on the decision you made concerning Kevin . He is one of the best anchors and reporter on television! I enjoy turning it on channel 2 in the morning and getting my news from Mr, Kevin Steincross. This truely saddens me and I’m sure a lot of other people

  2. I agree with you completely! It’s really ridiculous what their doing to Kevin. It needs to stop, forgive and forget.

  3. Leave Kevin alone for crying out loud! Now a days no one is aloud to make a mistake. Black people are going to far. I am not a racist but its getting harder and harder too stay that way when you hear stupid s:=t like this happen. I no longer live in the St. Louis area, but when I did I watched KTVI all the time. They talk about forgiveness, then show it!

  4. I think it was an honest mistake. However, if this was a President Trump supporter that made this mistake, they’d already be fired. It’s the double standard in the fake news era that is the problem. If you’re a liberal and make this mistake then forgiveness is the path to take. If Steincross supported President Trump, you’d have already called for his firing and started a march on St. Louis!!! The double standard by the liberal media is the reason why there is such a great divide in this country. Let’s forgive the liberal and condemn the conservative! Hypocrisy at its finest!!!

  5. Completely agree. The man should not have lost his job for an obvious mistake. I’m sure that the NAACP has bigger mountains to climb than this one. They just knew they could bull dose through this one and get to the top. They need to focus on real problems.

  6. No more channel 2 for us..when are people going to get tired of this ridiculousness? Lose your job over a honest mistake,, it’s just crazy! He didn’t kill anyone it was a word ,,,,come on KTVI get some backbone and do what’s right…

  7. This is totally ridiculous!!! He should not lose his over a silly slip of the tongue!! Hang in there Kevin, we are all pulling for you !!! This whole thing needs to be put to rest, there are much more important things that need the attention!!

  8. My family and I have watched Kevin for years! We love the kindness and sweet humor he has. It’s heartbreaking knowing he is not in air. We stand with Kevin and will not watch Fox2now until he returns… which is a shame because we have been loyal watchers for 30+ years. We will truly miss Glen Z and Margie and John and Monica, but channel 4 and 5 will be who we are watching until his return

  9. I pray in the name of Jesus that Gods perfect will for Kevin’s life will come to pass. While we ask that people forgive Kevin I pray that Kevin finds it in himself also to forgive no matter what happens to his job, we go thru life and in life we go thru seasons in our life, if this door closes on Kevin’s career then it might just be time for you to move on.
    Although I personally find it ridiculous the way the NAACP is reacting but if you are looking for forgiveness and understanding from them I wouldn’t hold your breathe
    God bless and I hope the best for Kevin

  10. This is so sad that we have come to this.He apologized it was a mistake he didn’t do it on purpose.I will not watch channel 2 again.People can threaten the President and don’t lose there job.WTF is happening to to USA?

  11. I absolutely agree. My younger gets tied all the time. No telling what will come out. He should not get fired for innocent mistake. This is downright silly.

  12. Behind Kevin 100%! I didn’t see it at the time it happened. I’ve read about the incident. I think this is being blown way out of proportion! I choose love, forgiveness NOT hate and prejudice. Those without sin throw the first Stone!

    1. Why are so many hypocrites? Many claim to be Christian’s but don’t follow Christ’s life. Jesus forgave those who crucified him but yet many can’t forgive a man who clearly made an error and asked for forgiveness right away. And an organization that he was loyal to for over 20 years won’t stand by him? Just remember those responsible will answer for this!! Hang in there Kevin! We love you!

  13. I think it was a honest mistake and Kevin corrected it right away. When he apologized you could tell it was from the heart. My heart melted when he spoke. God Bless him! There’s no reason he should loose his position. I love watching him.

  14. I believe Kevin had no ill intentions when he made the error. We have always enjoyed the station and applaud that more people of color are present on the station. People make mistakes. Dr King knew this as well. He promptly apologized and I’m quite sure did not mean to offend anyone. People are so quick to judge a mere mistake anymore. I thought we were above that. I would hope the NAACP will re-evaluate the situation and forgive a simple mistake.

  15. DLB,
    Could not agree more. One of the reasons I watch Channel 2 is because of Kevin Steincross.
    Kevin comes across as a nice, just a good person.

    Channel 2… stand up and back Kevin… doubt you will find another person as fair as he is.

    I’m sure most of his colleagues at KTVI feel the same way… just a good person.

    Chesterfield, Mo

  16. Stop the nonsense put Kevin back to work . We have congress and senate making worse statements about our president and nothing is said or done about

    1. Why are you letting some over sensitive person tell you how to run your news station Kevin is a great reporter all you have to do is watch one time and you can tell there’s not a mean bone in his body find someone who really needs punished bring Kevin back.

    2. Kent
      I agree with you all the way if your white you have to be careful what you say but if you African Americans you can say what ever you want I tell it like it is if you don’t like what I say that’s just too bad

  17. I agree wholeheartedly. I used to watch Kevin in Tulsa and was so sad when he left. When I moved to St Louis and found him on Fox, that determined what news I would watch. He seemed to me to be a man of integrity then and still does. I am sure we have all had tongues get tangled from time to time and as none of us are perfect, I think this should be laid to rest as an a simple tangled tongue.

  18. I don’t think Kevin has an unkind bone in his body. He got tongue tied!! It wasn’t intentional! Stand up to those people and just do what’s right! Bring Kevin back!

  19. Put Kevin back on air! This is uncalled for. I will say this if he is let go I will never watch channel 2 again. I guarantee a lot of people will go elsewhere when it comes to channel 2! Kevin keep your head up!

  20. For crying out loud, can’t believe that the station has come to such a decision as firing Kevin because of a slip of the toungue! Give a good employee a break before you lose your audience!

  21. I think this is ridiculous. The only perfect person was crucified many years ago. I personally enjoy Kevin in the morning g and I have always been a channel 2 watcher until this . I think we should turn 2 off until Kevin is brought back.

  22. Channel 2 wont be the same. I think Kevin has been done dirty. It was a mistake. How dirty can they be. God bless you Kevin.

  23. Are people really this “thinned skinned”? Were behind Kevin Steincross 100%, and we are done watching channel 2..

  24. I am greatly disappointed in KTVI. We need to stand up for good people and put a stop to these over sensitive drama fanatics. Kevin is a good man that made a mistake. Listen to these post!!! Please🙏

  25. Bi racial family whom supports Kevin Steincross. I have watched him since he came on and have enjoyed him since. Great attribute to the news . If everyone keeps jumping for the NAACP for every little thing, breathing while a different race will soon be wrong . Stand by your news anchor.
    It’s time to protest channel 2.

  26. One mistake and he’s gone? Channel 2, I thought you were better than that. Stand behind your Newscaster ! Avid Channel 2 News Watcher. Rethinking my decision…

  27. Kevin didn’t do anything more than all of us have done. If the NAACP can’t except that to bad.. One would think they would be offended by there name. After all the C in NAACP does stand for Colored..

  28. We have watched Kevin for years and I believe that the punishment was entirely to extreme. He made a mistake and I truly believe that’s all it was. We have a Muslim lady in our government that intentionally called the President of the United States a Mother F__ker n she goes unpunished. That in itself should tell you what our world has become. Please reconsider his position n let him keep his job.

  29. Fox 2 Kevin is one of your best reporter. If you fire him over such a small mistake that everyone has made in one way or another. I have been watching Fox 2 morning show for 45+ yrs. Fire him i will no longer WATCH A FOX STATION period

  30. I heard a radio interview with a NAACP representative , I don’t remember his name , he even admitted that Keven’s commit was a accident but he still wanted Kevin to be fired because Kevin must have said or thought about it at one time . This is going to far and Fox news should not allow the NAACP to bully them .

  31. Who among us hasn’t gotten our words twisted around from what we meant to say. This was not subconscious, simply an honest mistake.

  32. Leave Kevin Steincross alone. There have been a lot of people who had a slip of the tongue on the air. It was a mistake and that was all. Not intentionally said but the man was condembed over this. Him and his family have been through enough just bring him back. Let’s not speak of racism through the NAACP because they speak only when someone makes a mistake. I am not condoning rascism all I’m stating is give him a chance is all.

  33. I am really disappointed with Fox 2 News for not standing by Kevin. When will this nonsense stop. NAACP says “jump”and Fox says, “how high”. Does any other race have that kind of power? They say they want equality but they really expect special treatment in all things. We are all human and humans are not perfect. Kevin had a slip of the tongue and apologized immediately. That should have been the end of it. This type of Nonsense only make matters worse. I have lost trust in Fox 2, I thought they were a reasonable and fair network. Boy was I wrong.

  34. Bring Kevin back – But our so called President can intentionally say what he wants about anything but he still has his JOB – channel 2 do the right thing and bring Kevin back – seems like your company is making a decision on one tongue tied broadcast instead of Kevin’s overall work performance over the 22 years. – very disappointed that a decision on Kevin’s job is based on the NAACP and what others think instead of what’s truly the fare way to handle this.

  35. We all make mistakes, slips of the tongue happen so quickly, Kevin deserves to stay on Ch.2, I enjoy seeing him on there and have since he started on Ch.2. I for one will quit watching if he is fired, he does not deserve that for one slip of the tongue. We are all human for God’s sake, let him be.

  36. I have stopped watching fox 2 over this ridiculous firing of Kevin Steincross. I was in the broadcasting industry as a student & broadcasters in particular live in fear of misspeaking or having an on air goof . I won’t watch fox 2 anymore, & neither will any of my family & friends who are outraged over such an idiotic incident such as this If the naacp is so offended by such a thing as this, then tell me why they all call each other the N word, & in nearly all rap songs? Get over it

  37. Bring Kevin back we miss him he’s funny nobody is perfect people are going to far just because we all make the some mistake

  38. Please reconsider the firing of Kevin Steincross. His error was an honest mistake and he made a sincere apology. It is unconscionable for Channel 2 to discard him so quickly and to cave under the undue influence of the NAACP, who should never have involved themselves in such a matter. Put on your Big Girl Panties, Channel 2, and do the right thing.

  39. Where is Kevin? I hope he realizes the support he has in St Louis. I stopped watching ktvi after they Pulled him. Maybe another stl stationwill wisely snatch him up. He is one of the very best anchors our town can claim! #comebackkevin

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