Here’s What I Know, Volume #11: Night King mood swings; Trump doom settling in; Suit and Jacket greatness

Live from The Princeton Heights Night Watch, I ramble on. In no established order and without fancy flow, let’s talk.

  • We may disagree about who bats fourth in the Cardinals lineup or how greedy the NFL is, but there is no place in life for racism. Bigotry is a fucking disease and we need Marion Cobretti to kill it. The events in Charlottesville and our President’s (mouth vomit) response to those shitty occurrences confirms how fucked we are for the next four years in the White House. Our POTUS has to use twitter to properly connect and instead of shooting down racism, he talked about a winery. Where are you, Michael Douglas?
  • Too bad Al Gore is busy making sequels to An Inconvenient Truth. Trump may get us all killed before global warming does.
  • PSA: If you constantly talk about people attacking your beliefs on social media, you are an ATTENTION whore. A soapbox can only hold the weight of someone’s hurt feelings for so long. Again, you know who you are.
  • Coffee is a true mood boost. I felt like gathered and grounded shit a few minutes ago. A few sips of Great Value (yep, cheap Walmart k-cups) coffee and I feel like I can at least rake some leaves or fold some laundry.

  • I have no desire to run 13 or 26 miles. With no offense to the half and full marathon ramblers, I just don’t need to put my nipples and ankles through that punishment. I can get my four to six miles in and be good to go. Do that 2-3 times a week and you are golden.
  • The Forest Park six mile jaunt is a great way to start a morning after driving for Uber all night.
  • This week in Uber Diaries, I gave running advice, answered ten questions in one single ride, and did a few airport pickups. According to people in Ireland, the Cubs are World Series bound. Scoops.
  • The stunt community lost a woman this month on the set of Deadpool 2. I swear the work of these daredevils gets under-appreciated in Hollywood. They turn ordinary action into kinetic poetry. The Oscars should honor their work. Or at least say something for Joi “SJ” Harris. Forget visual effects. Stunt performers are a real visual effect with no gimmick.
  • I love Game of Thrones, but I don’t have words for it. I don’t write about every single show I watch, and I take pleasure in sucking in the beauty of Westeros without having to spill 1,500 words onto the screen about it afterwards. I could react to every episode this season by simply saying, “Holy shit that’s fucking cool” or “Oh snap, they really fucked up now”. You should watch it.
  • By the way, fuck the GOT book snobs. They went away from that material a while ago, so get over your needs to see things on pages fulfilled. When HBO spills 115 million dollars for a season, they do what they please. In the words of Maximus, are you not entertained?!!
  • The Night Walker on Game of Thrones is played by a “that guy” from the movies. Someone you don’t know by name but easily recognizable by face.

Related image

  • Ray Donovan shook things up this season. Liev Schreiber continues to create thought provoking work with a handful of dialogue, long stares, and body movements to transcribe gravitas. A show about an LA fixer has taken a non-linear approach this season and I like it. You should watch that.
  • PSA to all the butthurt Ozark locals. The Netflix show with Jason Bateman (the pilot was superb) is a TV SHOW. Made up. Not real. Stop complaining about how you are represented and understand how make-believe works. For the love of good scotch, calm down.
  • I am suddenly not calm…
  • The Blues are back soon. The wait for hockey players doing ruthless things on the ice is nearly back, but first, let’s see how the Cardinals fare. There’s nothing like baseball fans detaching from a close pennant race. Stay in your seats.
  • I volunteer Donald Trump as tribute.
  • I’ll write more about this another day, but four years after being denied, I am officially a member of the St. Louis Film Critics Association. Closer and closer to taking over the fucking world.
  • There’s only a slight desire to get back into radio/podcasting, but I’ll say this: it won’t be in a radio booth unless I am being paid to be there. I am going to do an unfiltered podcast. AM radio shows that don’t pay shit unless you can sell ads without real ratings and stats to show for are an old lion circus show. I rather put in my own cash and curse like a raw-lipped and drunk sailor than worry about FCC regulations and restrictions while I scramble and beg for dollars without ROI. The Dose of Buffa podcast is currently in “thought” mode.
  • I can’t wait for the Punisher Netflix series. My favorite Marvel anti-hero was perfectly portrayed by Jon Bernthal in Daredevil’s second season, so a 13 episode order will be like two steaks being placed on my plate. Frank Castle is a bad man and doesn’t give a shit about the right way or feelings. Bernthal conveyed that and then some.
  • I’ll be honest and say by the end of August, I am exhausted by baseball. I love writing about the Cardinals and all, but after so many months, it’s just hard. The Cardinals change dresses faster than an actress behind a Muny stage, and everybody is out to call you an idiot. Sometimes I feel like a headline will be read and the article will be discharged before a fair ruling. That’s 2017 in digital media. It’s safe to say that this season has seen a much more sublime and calm Buffa in front of Cards games. I only have so many nerve endings to burn through.
  • I’m still watching. And I’ll still write. Just saying it’s more tiring in month #5.
  • U2 comes to St. Louis next month. How much political bullshit will Bono dispense on stage in between the Joshua Tree revival? Don’t go all Bruce Springsteen on us, little guy. Or I may find what I’m looking for. A hammer to throw at you.
  • Judah and the Lion’s “Suit and Jacket” is my favorite song of 2017. Find it. So many feels in that song.

Image result for judas and the lion suit and jacket

That’s 1,000 words and my cue to hang it up for the night. Thanks for reading if you made it to the end of this fresh unfiltered tirade.

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