Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool: From zero to Golden Globe hero

Many believe that Deadpool is a long shot to win Best Motion Picture-Musical or a Comedy at the 2017 Golden Globes, but producer and star Ryan Reynolds is used to those odds.

After all, it took eleven years for Ryan Reynolds to convince Hollywood to let him make his version of Deadpool, but sometimes the long game is what wins in the land of make believe. The wait has paid off, as it shattered box office records, made an R-rated comic book film and comedy sexy again, and finds itself nominated for two Golden Globe awards.

The merc with a dark sense of humor was one of the most highly anticipated releases coming into the 2016 movie season, but it blew projections out of the water. On a 58 million dollar budget(basically the salary of one huge fight scene in an Avengers movie), Deadpool grossed 135 million on its opening weekend. It went on to clear 363 million domestically and over 763 million worldwide. How about that for some fresh chimichangas!

20th Century Fox

The movie, now playing on premium cable, holds up well after multiple viewings. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s script is chock full of juicy one liners and extreme hilarity that hit the mark just as smooth as they did the first time. The quiet slams and high brow nods to previous superhero flicks is also well done. The movie simply doesn’t get old.

Reynolds, 40 years old in October, needed Deadpool as much as the source material needed him. He was working steadily in Hollywood, but hadn’t carved a spot for himself or truly found a role to call his own. A sense of humor and a few mildly successful comedies don’t carry you far unless you do something incredible, especially after you turn the corner on 40. Playing Wade Wilson and helping produce was the icebreaker for Reynolds and his career.

R-rated comedies don’t gross 763 million anywhere. R-rated Marvel comedies with one main character/anti-hero don’t come close to that number. Deadpool’s wild success paved the way for a sequel(coming in 2018) and transferred Reynolds to the A-list.

Reynolds isn’t favored to win the Best Actor-Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, but he can take solace in rewriting the book on how a wild idea can turn into a monster hit with the right brain trust and energy behind it. He created something unique with Deadpool, and Hollywood took notice while fans wanted more.

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