Writing is a therapeutic adventure for me

For me, writing has always been a therapeutic adventure. Something I needed to do in order to keep the noise in my head at a dull roar. Every writer has ideas, needs, and different tools in order to express their opinion rolling around in their cerebellum at all times. I love telling stories, providing perspective and being a unique voice of reason for my readers.

It all started when I was a young kid living in St. Louis. I would get up every morning, grab a couple quarters and sprint to the nearest St. Louis Post Dispatch paper machine to read what sports writer Bernie Miklasz had to say. I needed to get his take. He was my voice. I craved an editorial perspective on sports, movies or television. Right then, I knew what I wanted to do for a living.

Today, all I do is write and about a number of subjects.I can tell you what television show to watch, what movie to go see in theaters, and then detail the St. Louis Cardinals latest offseason moves in one evening internet search. It keeps me happy, sane and provides me with an edge to constantly forward with.

You may ask, who has to put up with this mad hat writer? I have an amazing support system at home. My wife Rachel, my very own “Wonder Woman”, is a Tile Shop store manager in Little Rock, Arkansas, where we currently call home. She is brilliant at her job and works tireless 60 hour work weeks before coming home to be a hands on mother and the parachute that keeps me from falling on rocks after a long day.  My son Vincent, or “mini me” to friends and family, is four years old and a beast full of energy, sophistication and someone who holds daddy’s heart in the palm of his hand.

As a stay at home dad and writer, I have to balance the daily tasks of keeping Vinny in one piece, maintaining the home, cooking meals, and finding time to unplug the head and write stories, some of which you have read in this magazine about your wonderful community. It keeps me balanced.

Take away writing from me and I wouldn’t feel whole or intact. Which particular thing in your life makes you happy? Something you do that has an instant impact. I need to write and it can be a burden. As one fictional writer once said, “being a writer is like having homework for life”, and I accept the challenge every time I hit the keyboard.

Experiences and the people we meet shape our past and help our future evolve. There are certain people that I always keeps in my mind when I write. People like Troy Siade, who I knew for a short time back when we both worked on the Manual Scoreboard at Busch Stadium together. It’s been over ten years since Troy passed away, but he always seems to crawl up my finger tips whenever I write about the Cardinals.

One of the best things about writing is it endures despite the events in the world that constantly dim the lights over the course of our lives. I’ve taken refuge in the words of authors, songwriters, screenplay artists and fellow bloggers. A well written song can last decades and the morals of a legendary novel can be as timely and poignant a century later because the world doesn’t just evolve yet pivots off its own actions. In the end, I think I serve a little purpose, ranting and rambling into the night while my family sleeps.

I can only hope that the readers find the same purpose when they digest my words.



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