Wildcard: Diet Statham

(older movie reviews with a new coat of paint)

Here’s one way that tells you the movie that just consumed 90 minutes of your life was a bad idea. When you can’t seem to come up with a coherent way to explain the plot to someone. The latest Jason Statham vehicle is bland, pointless and goes nowhere in its brisk running time. He plays a tough guy “fixer” who helps people in a variety of ways. He could help a man land a beautiful woman by letting the man knock him out. He could help a brutally beaten friend get revenge on a gangster. You name it and Statham’s Nicky will do it. I wish I could have asked for a better movie with such talent involved.

Say what you want about the British action star, but Statham is a fun man to watch. He is truly something unique and is a reliable guy when it comes to producing a good old fashioned dose of kickass therapy. Here, he is joined by a fine cast including Jason Alexander, Stanley Tucci, Hope Davis along with a few worthy B-list stars and the script is from William Goldman, who wrote the book the film is based on as well. That novel was called “Heat” and the name switch just makes the film look more laughable.

Wildcard goes nowhere and when I say that it means we don’t care about Nicky’s quest to leave Vegas and we don’t care what happens to him. All we get from time to time between boring dialogue and a couple decent fight scenes is quick imagery of a boat sailing across a large body of water. That isn’t enough to get us behind Statham’s deadly loner with a heart of gold. There isn’t much to him beyond the basic action hero elements. There is no juice that can take a recycled plot and make it come alive.

Lionsgate Entertainment

This film won’t even please diehard Statham fans. He gets to show off his fight scene brilliance in a couple instances, but it isn’t enough to carry the rest of the dead weight that doubles as a storyline.

Wildcard is diet Jason Statham. It seems like a good idea when observed on paper but leaves a bad taste in the stomach after it is fully digested. Avoid it at all costs.

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