Man vs. Woman: Talking Cards baseball

Once again, I took to the DOB airwaves late at night to discuss the St. Louis Cardinals with a fierce woman. The lovely Maria from Washington D.C. who happens to adore Tommy Pham joined me for some pointed and rather blunt perspective on the Cards.

The Talking Points:

*What did we learn from the first series with the Cubs

*Can the Cardinals keep hitting for power?

*Should Cards fans be worried about Adam Wainwright?

*What is up with Kolten Wong?

*Can Aledmys Diaz last or will he hit a wall?

*Does Pham factor into the effectiveness of this team when he returns?

Listen right here. 

You can follow Maria on Twitter here.

Here’s a taste of what she can offer on a daily basis:

Thanks for staying all the way if you did.

Dose of Buffa 2

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