Mocking Obama’s tears is extremely low

Presidents are human beings. Remember this the next time you think about criticizing a politician when he shows emotion. I know, it’s easy to say the tears beneath President Barack Obama’s eyes when he spoke about gun laws and the Sandy Hook tragedy were bullshit because it may feed your political agenda. Or it may just sound good joining the party.

The truth is I am not a political enthusiast. I don’t watch CNN or Fox News. I find politicians to be robotic, hands tied and mouth edited, fixtures propped up in front of people most of the time. It doesn’t matter if he is Republican or Democrat. Their words are always bent by Congress or the House Legislature. All of them. However, the one thing I won’t do is slam or mock a President for showing emotion about a tragedy like Sandy Hook where first graders were mercilessly killed in a classroom.

This is where people will say, “Well, he didn’t cry about San Bernandino or Paris, so what the hell!?” I don’t care. I am not going to do a full spectrum judging on Obama for what he didn’t or did cry over. Everybody has their own way of showing emotion or crying. We all have our get factors. The thing that possesses us to break. I didn’t cry about Paris or several other terrorist attacks. I don’t pick and choose what I cry over. That’s all part of being human and unique.

At the end of the day, Obama is human. Love or hate his politics. Approve or disapprove of his Presidential terms. He is human. A father and husband. Sandy Hook happened on US soil. It stung more than other tragedies. Whenever I think about it, rage and emotion fill my chest, neck and head. I need a moment to recalculate what I was doing. This is why I don’t fault Obama or wonder if he was faking during this speech. It’s human emotion. He was just being human. Far away from being a politician.

So when some makeup packed woman on Fox News wondered if there was an onion peel on the podium, I felt like giving her a piece of my mind. I felt like asking her to wake up and look in the mirror tomorrow morning and wonder how this face gets the privilege of spending her time on earth being called a human. The people who question raw human emotion are the ones we need to worry about. They are the ones holding back our species. I hope she went home, saw that segment and wondered, “How fucking dumb am I?” It has nothing to do with amendments and bills and everything to do with right and wrong. Skip to the 7:15 mark on this video clip from Trevor Noah’s monologue to see the woman make this ridiculously insane comment.

She is what we need to worry about. There’s cynical and then there is insanity with a lack of sharpening. The lack of respect for human decency. I don’t think Obama deserves praise for showing emotion. I also don’t think he deserves criticism. If so, what is this world coming to?

Sometimes, we all need a good cry.

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