Adele is back and better than ever

Adele-2012Adele has a plan. The British artist with a voice that could rock ten thousand battle ships is releasing her first album in four years on November 20th, entitled 25. The number title follows 2008 release 19, 2011 release 21, and now 25. She can sing, woo a nation with her voice and gets to do whatever she wants. On November 17th, she will hold a one time only concert in New York City which will air on NBC on December 14th.

Slowly, Adele is taking over the world again. She may do this every few years. Right when the dust has settled from her last album and the impact starts to subside, she comes back to rock us again. She can sing. I mean, she really can. She could sing in a back alley with no studio aide. She could sing in your backyard, your church or the bar down the street. She doesn’t need 75 wardrobe changes like Katy Perry or wild theatrics like Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus. She comes out, sits at a piano or stands at the mic, and just tells stories with a pain in her voice.

Fresh off a layoff that included finding love and having a baby, Adele dropped off “Hello” on the internet last week and it broke the web. People stopped walking in the street to listen. Meetings stopped. Starbucks lines got clogged. Women had to hear it. Men had to pause and memorize it.

In the video, the first 60 seconds don’t involve any singing. Just an old abandoned dusty house that Adele walks into and starts pulling back covers and uncovering furniture. She sits down, stretches her neck, and slowly peers at the camera. The piano starts and that means the shivers begin.

“Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like me to go over everything.”

In one line, she is reintroducing herself to the faithful fans and also informing new listeners that what they are hearing is genuine and that she can recap the past two albums, which is consistent with heartbreak and loss.

Adele has it all. She has won Grammy awards, sold millions of albums and when she releases a song, people flicker to it like a warm fire in the cold of winter. She is old school and required these days, as the world of music rides a wave of music that is more spectacle than built from craft.

I like her because all she needs is a mic and a piano. She has the stories to tell and the need. She doesn’t make music when she is told. When she is ready, she strikes. In 2015, there’s respect in that practice.

Adele is the antidote to the crazy Cyrus, who will do anything to get your attention, on or off the stage. She can sing a song about New York called “Hometown Glory” or “Set Fire to The Rain”, a song about falling in love for the first time. It’s all genuine with this lady.

Now excuse me, I need to listen to “Hello” again. On November 20th, I’ll be buying that album too. Whether you are a fan of her style of music or not, it’s hard not to respect Adele. She’s back and ready to take over the world again.

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