Is Peyton Manning overrated?

Is Peyton Manning overrated?

Now I am sure AFC conference rivals of the Denver Broncos can pick a clear side here. I really wanted to dig into this question being a Manning fan and someone who truly believes the man is great but missing a Super Bowl or two from his legacy? Is he overrated? What makes a player overrated? Let’s dive in while the kettle is fresh and hot.

Peyton Manning has one Super Bowl championship to his name and a ton of regular season awards. When it comes to regular season passing records, Manning is either on top or coming up alongside #1 or #2. He is there so there is no need to establish all his glossy stats but let’s provide a quick check.

He’s thrown for 69,691 yards in his career and tossed 534 touchdowns. He’s connected on 65.5 percent of his passes. He’s done it all. All others can do is watch.

The postseason is the area the critics fire their arrows at with Manning. Overall, his playoff record is 11-13. He has thrown 38 touchdowns and 24 interceptions with a 87 QB rating and a 64 percent completion percentage. His team’s have been bounced in the first playoff game in 5 of 7 playoff games since his Super Bowl victory in 2006. Seattle destroyed his Broncos team and Drew Brees’ Saints got the best of him but does all the fault deserve to fall on Manning in those playoff debacles. Take this for instance. In his one Super Bowl winning postseason, Manning’s TD-INT was 3-7 and his quarterback rating was 70.5. While he only has one Super Bowl, I don’t think that makes him bad in the postseason overall. Unfinished is more like it.

Peyton Manning could have been done after the Colts cut him loose after his fourth neck surgery but he went to the Broncos and turned them into a Super Bowl contender. How many quarterbacks have taken two teams to a Super Bowl in the past 20 years? Manning and Kurt Warner(St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals). That’s quite an accomplishment.

Is Peyton Manning overrated? No. Is Dan Marino overrated because he had regular season success but couldn’t win a Super Bowl? Is Phil Simms any better than Marino? Why would a player be overrated if he has reached the Super Bowl three times and won it once? Manning does need another bowl or two to get into the top 5 quarterbacks of all time but I don’t think he belongs in the overrated group.

Ashly’s favorite quarterback is Aaron Rodgers. His Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and he has one Super Bowl in seven seasons of starting for the Packers. While he has plenty of time to accomplish more, what if Rodgers didn’t win another Super Bowl in his career? Let’s say he gets to 1 or 2 more but doesn’t win. Does that make him overrated? Like Manning, Rodgers catches flack because he does a lot of commercials and puts his face out there. Annoyance is one thing. Overrated is quite another. I don’t think Manning or Rodgers are overrated at all. They’ve each been to the promise land and have a chance to go back.

While it’s easy to expect more from Manning in the postseason, it’s also honest to expect more from the team’s around him. He can’t play defense and shouldn’t be held accountable for an entire team’s collapse. What he will continue to be known as is the face of such collapse. Manning is mentioned more often for his playoff shortcomings than his regular season triumphs. Does that make him overrated then? No.

Is he on TV too much? Yes. Is he funny? Yes. Is he multi-dimensional? Yes. Does he have an obvious “Manning face” and forehead that really hates NFL helmets? Yes.

Peyton Manning is a great quarterback. One of the best to ever play the NFL. He’s played for 18 seasons. Two teams. 13 playoff appearances. He isn’t done yet, returning to Denver for one last ride. No matter what happens in 2015 and beyond, I wouldn’t call Peyton Manning overrated.

Would you?

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