Trailer Park: Suicide Squad trailer offers hypnotic pleasures

JokerWelcome to the land of trailers. Teases that drive us fucking insane. A tidbit is dropped a year in advance and we spend the next few months breaking down the threads, hints and tiny bits of details that may lead to spoilers. Directors and editors create these 150 second ice cubes of intrigue just to drive us nuts and make us buy the 11 dollar ticket on opening night. Take Suicide Squad, writer/director David Ayer’s latest loaded deck. It comes out in August of 2016, which is over a year away but in the middle of shooting he drops a trailer off for us to dissect and digest over and over again. You see, SS is the third film i the new DC universe of films. It started with Man of Steel and continues with Batman v Superman before Suicide Squad drops next summer. Let’s start with that trailer and roll on from there.

Suicide Squad

What is this about? Well, DC’s band of thieves are rounded up by the government to task missions and take care of the dirty work that they don’t want traced back to their hands. Instead of asking Batman to take out some criminals or a terrorist cell, the suits install baddies like Harley Quinn(Margot Robbie from Wolf of Wall Street), Lloyd aka Deadshot(Will Smith with a shaved head!!!), Captain Boomerang(Jai Courtney) and Rick Flagg(Joel Kinnaman). They do job, eventually turn on each other and the whole trailer is tuned to a Bee Gee’s cover. Sounds swell and the trailer works very well.

Ayer’s magic trick here is reinventing The Joker via Jared Leto’s punk rocker imitation. He had silver teeth, green hair, a deep voice and the tattoos to assure us this is not Heath Ledger’s Joker. Should we cut this new version a free rein of slack? Yes. As much as I adore Ledger’s work, Leto doesn’t do a film because he’s told to. He decides to take it on. It’s a choice thing. From the looks of the trailer I don’t think he is playing around. 

The more important element of this is how Leto’s Joker connect to the other films. With Ben Affleck planning a stand alone Bats film, one may think that the hint of Joker in the BvS trailer may lead to him appearing in that 2018 film. In the SS trailer, fans see Affleck hanging from the top of Joker’s sports car. If the universe is connected and that is indeed a dead Robin’s suit in the BvS trailer, maybe the 30 Seconds of Mars rocker will have an expanded role and SS is just a tease.

DC is trying to catch up with Marvel here and that’s fine as long as they don’t panic, rush or try to match the juggernaut. Just create your deal and use familiar legendary characters like Bats, Sups and Joker along with these squad types.

I trust Ayer. He’s behind Training Day and also brought us the best movie about cops in End of Watch and the red meat World War II film, Fury. If he wants to walk into a DC comic book store and play “dance”, I will follow him along anywhere.

The Revenant

This Leo DiCaprio joint looks weird. Like a mashup of Last of the Mohicans Meets The Beach Meets The Last Samurai. I am not really sure what is going on here but director Alejandro González Iñárritu(that’s a google search every time) has crafted a serious action drama epic here. Tom Hardy shows up. Leo talks about already dying once(that takes care of the suspense) and there are several chase scenes. Here’s what they tell me.

Leo is a fur trapper who gets betrayed by his partners and left for dead. A bear messes him up and then he is even more mad. The main foe and betrayal artist is Hardy(who seems to grow a beard every other film he does) and that should set up a good fight.

The look of the film is real. They shot for 9 months in the Canadian Wilderness(it took that long to grow Leo’s beard) and the scenes look authentic and gritty. This film will either be wonderfully shot and powerful or just nice to look at. It’s epic and that makes the ceiling go up really high.


Jennifer Lawrence. Bradley Cooper. Robert DeNiro. David O’Russell.

When these four names comes together, magic happens. Case #1, Silver Linings Playbook. Case #2, American Hustle. This gang is 2 for 2 which is why I will give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this crazy trailer that makes little sense but is interesting.

Like Ayer, whatever cinematic cocaine Russell lays out to snort, I am going to find a dollar bill to roll up and take a hit because of what he’s done lately. With his latest work, the man has earned that.

What is happening here? Lawrence is the matriarch of a powerful family with a business that apparently gets wacky and deadly. She is in charge but also seems to run into lots of legal and illegal trouble. Guns are fired. Lots of women show up. Cooper looks like some insane telethon optimism speech giver and DeNiro looks like her dad and mentor. Russell has died and went to Coen Brothers heaven or hell here. That much is left to be seen.

Joy looks nuts, but I’m in.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Let me say this. I hate Armie Hammer and his desire to be respected in Hollywood. I find him dull as shit, relentlessly boring and devoid of charisma. So that presents a challenge as I look at Guy Ritchie’s latest cup of spiked tea.

Superman himself, Henry Cavill, shows up looking like James Bond’s brother and he seems like he knows what he is doing. Hammer is rocking some accent that sounds Russian but could be just stupid. They are competing agents being forced to work together to take down some bad people. Blah, blah and more blah.

Hugh Grant shows up and says something funny. The film looks fun and all but I really don’t like Hammer. He poisoned a few films and just looks like a spoiled trust fund kid in cinema(like Jay Cutler on a football field). Like Liam Hemsworth is to the Hunger Games trilogy +1, Hammer may keep me from loving this film.

Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation

Tom Cruise on an airplane. I’m sorry folks but when you put a billionaire movie star on the side of an airplane for a stunt, it takes over the rest of the film’s hype. Fugadaboutit! Which is not a bad thing. The film looks sharp. Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames(when he chooses to work I guess) are back and Alec Baldwin shows up too. Ethan Hunt and his band of agents are being hunted by other bands of agents and the end result will be who can be….sly enough. Who knows and who cares?

The movie looks great and once again proves the point that whatever your opinion of Cruise is off the screen(Scientology, Katie Holmes baby maker, couch jumper), the man is a first class entertainer on the screen who does his own fucking stunts. While others don’t want to fall down steps or take a punch, Cruise hangs off tall buildings and dangles off departing airplanes. Respect to the little guy.

Last Witch Hunter

If you hate Vin Diesel, scratch this film off your watch list because his face is ALL OVER THIS FILM.

In the film’s trailer, Michael Caine(classing up the action flavored joint of course) is talking about a legendary warrior and Diesel appears. Cue a ice filled country, some big bearded warriors and our hero standing next to a fast car and BANG! There’s the Fast & Furious hook. Whether he likes it or not, Diesel is now connected completely to the car racing films so whenever they show up in his other films, the connection jumps out quickly. He shouldn’t mind. The films made him rich and famous. Not bad for a kid video game junkie from Queens.

What is going on here exactly? Diesel is some legendary…wait for it…Witch Hunter who is being called upon to save the world or just look cool doing it. Who cares? Take the pipe and smoke it without thinking too much. With this kind of title, awards aren’t being demanded, so just go with it. I’m a Diesel honk so I’ll be there.

I can only hope that Diesel, the Rock and Jason Statham take a cue from the Old School dudes and start showing up in their films just because it would be cool. Action heroes never get old because escape is always needed. There’s a reason chocolate cake never gets old. The taste is timeless. Same goes for action heroes.


I don’t like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler that much so the premise for this film didn’t give me much hope but the trailer isn’t too bad. They are siblings throwing one last party before their parents sell the home. Doesn’t sound too great but these two are supposed to be funny, right? Why don’t I ever laugh at their films? It’s stuck up smart people humor or is it just too bland to like? I don’t know. See for yourself.

Fantastic Four

I didn’t hate the original Fantastic Four with Ioan Grufford, Jessica Alba, a pre-Captain America Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis but I also didn’t think another rendition was needed.

The filmmakers go younger here(sort of) with Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, but the plot looks familiar(same villain) and I don’t see much to dazzle me. I was a big fan of the Thing(outcast) but even his scenes look familiar. I could be surprised when the film arrives in August but I am not getting my hopes up. These heroes weren’t given the greatest representation before and while the cast is stellar, I am sure not the product will be any different this time.


Tom Hardy playing twin brothers and real life wrecking balls, The Kray Brothers. Need I say more?

When he isn’t fighting DiCaprio in the woods, Hardy is playing these crazy brothers. Ronald and Reginald steamrolled through London in the 1950’s and 60’s as gangsters who would stop at nothing because they were ruthless enough to punch, kill and out maneuver anyone in their path. This true story from writer/director Brian Helgeland has all kinds of juice dripping from it and could send a few people to the Oscars if everything plays out as promised. Fellow Brits Paul Bettany, David Thewlis, Emily Browning and Christopher Eccleston are part of the picture as well and this film looks as confident and funny as it should be.

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