Batman Vs Superman Trailer: 5 Reactions

batman-vs-superman-comic-con-trailer-dawn-of-justice7-pmAfter the initial teaser wet the lips earlier this year, Warner Brothers and Director Zack Snyder have dropped a bigger chunk of their 2016 cinematic blockbuster, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, at our feet. The Comic Con footage has been released. A new trailer that promises all kinds of mayhem next March. Let’s throw on the cape and fire out 5 quick instant reactions.

“20 years in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?”-Bruce Wayne

1. Tying the story right back to Man of Steel. People were mad at the city being destroyed in the huge climax of MOS must know it plays a part here. The damage done to Metropolis is what causes Ben Affleck’s Batman to seek revenge on Superman. One of his buildings was destroyed that day and this kicks off the juiciest part of the plot.

2. I love the older wearier look on Affleck’s Batman. This isn’t your young rich guy crusader. This is an angry man. He’s lost more people than Superman can count and there will be justice. Hate on The Fleck all you want but he’s perfect for this role. A mix of all the previous Batman’s rolled into one good performance. The shot of Affleck’s Wayne running into the building crumbling dust cloud reminded me of 9/11 instantly. It’s a powerful shot that works while making you a bit cold and sending the focus to the world’s new hero…or alien.

3. Henry Cavill doesn’t get any lines but he’s still potent as Kent/Superman. The best thing about Man of Steel was the location of the perfect Superman. It’s all in the looks here. Jesse Eisenberg’s work as Lex Luthor won’t cover Gene Hackman’s in dirt but won’t be horrible either. Eisenberg can play smug better than anyone. Jeremy Irons is a crankier Alfred and that’s fine. Gal Gadot looks stunning and mysterious as Wonder Woman, even though she shows more Catwoman tactics here. No imagery of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman yet.

4. The action looks crisp but not as gigantic and overpowering as previous destruction films.¬†Snyder isn’t Michael Bay. There’s an actual story here. What if something amazing dropped on our earth that saved lives yet destroyed cities in wake? How would we react? What would we do?

5. If it is true and Affleck is setting up shop for a stand alone Batman film, then this film will have to deliver on more than one promise. One, the ability to cram 3-4 superheroes into one film and make it work(looking at you Spider Man 3). Second, show that a Justice League film is needed. Third, Affleck must really dig into the character and take a full swing. What Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale did was brilliant and while there are many foes for Bat to take down, the desire has to exist. This trailer showed me that is a possibility….

batman-vs-superman-comic-con-trailer-dawn-of-justicee15-pmBut it’s only a trailer, albeit a darn enjoyable one at that. Go ahead and watch it a few times. See if it hooks you.

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