Batkid Begins Trailer Will Break You

Boys Batman WishTrailers have the unbelievable ability to touch you inside two minutes. Through a sequence of editing of images and scenes weaved together seamlessly, a movie or documentary can cut right to your heart. In the case of Batkid Begins, the documentary about Miles Scott and his day in the life as Batman in San Francisco via the Make A Wish Foundation, this trailer will move you and if it doesn’t, go have your pulse checked.

In the beginning, the Make A Wish Foundation would grant a trip to Disney Land or show a kid a great day away from his normal life. Occasionally, they can do something magical. There’s nothing more tragic than child leukemia and in order to provide Miles with a little dose of childhood fun, the city of San Francisco and its police force, population and the thousands that flew into the city helped create Gotham for the Batman fanatic Miles. This all took place on November 15th, 2013 and the event went viral and persuaded the world to peek in and witness it. Wherever you were, Batkid was on your mind.

What started out as a good cause turned into a media sensation, with Ben Affleck cheering Miles on via Twitter and President Barack Obama rooting Miles on via Vine. The entire world showed their support for a five year old fighting a horrible disease. Actors were brought in to play Batman, Joker, and the victims rescued by the junior Caped Crusader. All in all, it was a magical story. These are the occasions where the power of the human spirit and the goodness of the world shine bright. No matter how cynical a person is, this event had to make them smile.

Now, everybody can relive it with this documentary, aptly called Batkid Begins, produced by Dana Nochman and soon being adapted by Julia Roberts. What makes Miles’ story so powerful is that when hardship strikes kids and teenagers or even adults, they look to their heroes for escape. When I was a kid, it was Superman who helped me get away. For Miles, Batman was his comic book hero and for one day, he got to become the hero himself. Scott survived the cancer and is healthy now, but his day as one of the most legendary heroes in comic book lore and the 24 hours that he took over the world will never be forgotten.

Batkid Begins comes out on June 26th in select theaters before expanding in July. See this movie. It will lift you up. As the narrator explains near the end of the preview, “In helping him to live his dream, we were saving ourselves.”

Batkid reminded us that the world is good and people can mean well. Don’t miss this experience.

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