Pacquiao Needs To Accept The Invitation

manny-pacquiao-floyd-mayweatherLet me admit up front that I am a Manny Pacquiao fan. I have always admired the fighter and held his best interests close to my chest. In sports, it’s easy to pick favorites and attach some emotion to their ups and downs. It’s part of the addiction. So when I say Manny needs to accept Floyd Mayweather’s terms for a May 2nd fight in 2015, I mean it. There is no way out for Pacquiao here. Say yes or forever be a coward.

This fight is the only fight casual boxing fans want to see. Hardcore fight fans also want to see it. It would launch 200-300 million dollars in revenue. Las Vegas would light up. Showtime and HBO would come together and promote it across billboards, buildings, and outer space satellite stations. If this were 1975, the fight would have happened. Back then, when two fighters wanted to beat the shit out of each other, it happened quick because the suits didn’t come into play until after the fight when the money was being collected. These days, it’s political, slow moving and horribly impersonal. Boxing as a sport is one big hesitation.

I won’t place blame on one side here. Each garners a decent amount. Floyd started out with requesting Olympic style drug testing, which only stands for a mind control tactic of his. Boxing has done a good job of weeding out cheaters so why ask for advanced testing for one bout. Come on. Manny balked and it broke down. Next time, Floyd went to jail because he is a moron and the fight didn’t happen. The next time, Floyd wanted a huge portion of the cash up front and Manny balked. Then, Manny lost twice and the hopes seriously depleted. Throughout it all, I place the most blame on Top Rank/Pacquaio promoter Bob Arum. He used to represent Floyd and they don’t like each other anymore. Arum also has a tricky way of setting up boring and lopsided fights between his own fighters. Arum isn’t a cancer in the sport but he’s a pain in the ass here. He is making it hard for this fight to get made.

Pacquiao started winning again and the interest has gone up. Floyd stated Friday that he would fight Manny on May 2 but wants a huge portion of the upfront money. He will make more money than Pacquiao and that’s a fair deal. Right now, with the boxers at 35 years old(Pac) and 37 years old(Floyd), the match needs to happen. In this day and age, money walks, talks and drives the cars around in sports and business in general. Floyd is the top earner in the sport and has been for years. He deserves to make more up front because he has worked hard to get to that negotiating stronghold. Manny has no choice but to accept the terms Floyd puts forth. If it is 60-40, you do it. If it is 70-30, you do it. This fight needs to get made for the fans and money will come pouring in either way.

Manny is a future Hall of Fame but he is on the short end of the stick in the table settings here. If he tries to hide behind Arum again or doesn’t want to deal because he’s caught inside his own ego plaza, his legacy takes a shot. Floyd wouldn’t give a date if he didn’t want to fight. Mayweather Jr. sees this as a fine opportunity to make a sexy payday and close his career out with his brightest triumph. He beats Pacquiao and he can take his clothes off for the final time. If he loses, the rematch happens and even MORE money is made. In this particular case of sports drama tactics, neither fighter is a loser. Floyd isn’t going to destroy Manny and Pacquiao won’t do major harm to Floyd. This will be an entertaining fight and one that will draw insane interest. Imagine a tsunami hitting a hurricane and you have an idea.

Floyd is the best counter puncher in the sport. Manny is the attack artist who can hit fighters at any angle in the ring. Manny and Floyd both like to cut off the ring and force their opponent to fight their way. It will be a display of ring dominance and I want to see who lands the first big shot. I want to see who finishes better. The easy answer for betting maniacs is Floyd. He is undefeated, still has the fast hands and feet, and has rode the horse for a long time. Manny has changed since the brutal Juan Manuel Marquez knockout. He destroyed Brandon Rios(and his petty career), beat Timothy Bradley for the second time unofficially and knocked Chris Algieri back into his parents basement. He has a fine display of defense to go with his usual battle tested forward power punching ability. Fighters don’t change. They adapt. Pacquiao has shown an ability to adapt inside a fight in his last three fights.

It’s a simple idea here. Floyd has put a date on the table. Manny needs to step up and say “let’s get it on”. The delays have to be finished. The excuses have to stop. The suits need to step to the side. The fighters need to strangle this opportunity right now. Money is on the table and a potential explosive fight is there as well. Boxing doesn’t produce a ton of brilliant style matchups these days. Floyd and Manny has always been an interesting fight because of Floyd’s counter punching ability and Manny’s endurance and shifting power.

Get it done, guys. More importantly, Manny Pacquiao needs to step up soon and cement the May 2nd date. Details will settle and men with angry tendencies can meet in the ring. Finally.

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