The Problem With The Thor Movies

Thor-the-Dark-WorldI like Chris Hemsworth and think the Thor character he portrays is an entertaining one. The man was born to play the part. Chalk him up on the list of men I will say in public is good looking and I had a gun to my head I would smooch to be set free. Hemsworth is a talented actor who slums it as this rather stoic blank slate hero who hopelessly defends his planet, Asgard, and romances Natalie Portman. There could be greater troubles in real life than this man has in these movies.

Here’s the problem. I find the bad guy or bad brother, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, a lot more interesting than I do Hemsworth’s hulky Thor. It’s not a matter of who is the better actor. It is a matter of the better part and how it’s written. Loki is cool, sly, funny, and cunning. Hiddleston acts the shit out of the part and has fun. Hemsworth is stoic, strong, and lacks a second facial expression. The best parts for Thor are when he smiles like David Ortiz does after a walk off home run after smashing a large monster made out of stone. It’s cool and show a different side to this very serious hero. It’s too bad they happen once or twice a film.

Anthony Hopkins and Rene Russo are back as the mom and pop of this Asgard operation. Idris Elba has one real face to face scene as a noble warrior but otherwise looks funny in a big costume and helmet. Portman is the damsel in distress and Kat Dennings is her sidekick friend who puckers her lips for the entire film.

Thor: The Dark World or as I call it, Thor 2, is just okay. It’s entertaining and funny at times, but it never comes close to the sheer coolness of the Iron Man films or the depth of the Captain America stories. Alan Taylor(known for directing many episodes of The Sopranos) tackled the sequel after Kenneth Branagh handed off the duties from the first film in 2011. While The Dark World is better than that dull fish out of water ride, the end result is still less than appetizing.

This movie is like a chewy steak that looked great on the menu. Colorful characters. Action. Big muscle bound beach blonde lock hair carrying dudes  and bad people trying to steal the world all in one movie and it’s Marvel! Once I cleared my plate, I basically shuck my head and left.

Thor is better off sharing a part of the Avengers movies. Like the Incredible Hulk, they haven’t figured out a way for an entire movie to be complete and great yet. There isn’t enough depth to the character of Thor and I find myself wanting more Loki and less stoic bland blonde Conan. Sorry ladies. It’s all eye candy here.

This was worth the 1.67 at the Redbox near you but it won’t be a film I highly recommend. Save for the final scene of the movie and maybe the bonus credits sequence, it’s kind of forgettable.


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