Thinking About Banshee: Season 3 Briefing

My thoughts on Banshee.

A Shot Of Banshee

imageedit_1_9718949627It’s been over two months since I wrote about the Cinemax’s golden ticket called Banshee. The brutal dose of Friday night cinematic television that makes every new year seem so grand and a show that sinks its hooks into you so deep that when it stops(March 15th was our last prescription), the bittersweet sadness is never ending. That’s the sweet and the bitter about TV shows. Unlike a movie, you get to stay with them for weeks and dissect their intentions and soak up the storytelling, visuals and character development. Suddenly, the finale ends and that is all. The show tips its cap for the season and runs off to….start shooting the next dose.

Banshee is special because the cast and crew shoot during the spring and summer and get to watch the season with the fans as it uncoils in the winter premiere. Show stalwarts like Hoon Lee, Ivana…

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