Lucas Takes The Fight to Procter

My take on the Cinemax HIT series.

A Shot Of Banshee

Ever since episode 1, when he stepped into the shoes of the sheriff and put on the badge, our anti-hero protagonist Lucas Hood has set his sights on taking down Kai b749309212964f8bcf8147aea9fc8f3dProcter. Call it a bad man keeping a far more evil soul from the door(hat tip to True Detective creator Nick Pizzolatto there). During the season 1, they had their confrontations, a fight, and large amount of bad blood.  Then the season 1 finale brought them together as a team for the greater….bad of things. However, I knew they were going to circle back around each other. Like a pair of alligators feuding off the rest of the creatures in the water and coming back one another to finish the game.  I compare this to the long standing duel between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder on FX’s Justified.   Sure, Banshee’s rivalry is thicker and doesn’t carry the long…

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