THE LEGO MOVIE Works for Adults

How are we doing?   Here, I bring you a review of the LEGO movie.   I saw this on Friday with my wife and found it to be a good time and a refreshing surprise.  I’ll tell you why.


Quick Plot-An ordinary LEGO minifigure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe together.

My Take-I know what you are thinking.  Is Buffa really coming here to tell me that I should see a movie about Lego toys?   Well, the answer is yes.   And I have a few reasons.   This isn’t a sappy joyless experience for adults.   This is a laugh out loud comedy that includes hat tips to other movies, makes fun of classics like Star Wars, Batman Begins and has a title straight out of the Matrix.  The argument can be made that Chris Pratt’s Emmett has more personality than Keanu Reeves’ Neo and the former is basically a toy.  Look, this movie isn’t mind blowing but it’s a refreshing blend of nostalgia and sharp comedy.

The cast voice work is amazing and perfect.  Morgan Freeman provides a voice here as a noble mentor and seems to be having fun and playing with his image at the same time.  Elizabeth Banks supplies one of the sexiest and coolest female lines every about 20 minutes in, “Come with me if you want to not die”.   Will Arnett is a blast as the voice of a very very serious Batman, who thinks he is awesome.    An argument can be made for him voicing Ben Affleck’s Batman in 2016.   There is  an obvious riff going on here with Christian Bale’s ultra serious tone of voice in the Christopher Nolan films and I think even the Welsh actor would get a kick out of Arnett’s work here.  Liam Neeson’s two faced cop is also cool and spins the bottle on over the top cop roles in films.   Will Ferrell has a couple roles here and is very good.

This is an animated(for the most part) film about one completely regular and inept man saving the world and it’s all done with the filmmakers winking at you.    Nothing is played straight here and it’s a fun time.   When I first saw the preview I was a little hesitant to give this any excitement but after watching the trailer again and taking it in the other night I can tell you this movie is as much for adults as it is for kids.  It is the most unlikely comedy breakout of the year and maybe even the past couple years.   What seems like a terrible idea at first and something directed more at kids comes off as a production that worked quite well.

You can tell when the actors even phone in voice work and here that is not the case.   Neeson and Freeman are having a great time giving their kids a movie to watch and also one their colleagues can appreciate as well.   Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller walked a fine line here in coming up with punch lines, jokes and ways to make this movie cool without losing either audience.   What they did was make a fine endorsement for the toys yet give the adults a funny flick to enjoy.

This movie may cause parents to interact and built Lego’s with their kids a little more in the future.   They will do this and hope well known actors make them come to life and start speaking.   What they will get is good family time.   Hollywood didn’t just make a good comedy here.  They made Lego’s cool again.



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