Stan Kroenke: The Shadow Boxing NFL Owner

St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke waited 15 years to get full control of the team and everybody thinks he is going to ship it back to Los Angeles at first glance.   Think again folks.

This week, Stan bought land in LA and it was the size of a stadium.  Cue the freak out blues!  Oh no, he really is taking the Rams back to LA and St. Louis will be struckla-sp-rams-stan-kroenke-photo-20140130 with grief again.  Well, guess again because is inaccurate.

I don’t have a PHD in real estate or NFL ethics but I can tell you this.   This latest development has no effect on the Rams moving after 2015.  Why?

There are tons of hurdles for Kroenke to hop over even if he wanted to move the team, which I don’t think he does.  He has to get a majority vote from the owners, get permits, get more land for a serviceable parking lot and tailgating, and would endure a ton of heartaches to get this done.

Kroenke isn’t buying this land to move the Rams.  He is buying this land to hold it as leverage against the city of St. Louis to make updates to the Edward Jones Dome or build a new stadium somewhere in the area.  The city rejected a recent 700 million dollar renovation offer and now Stan took the ball back into his court by buying this land, which could turn into the Walmart Super Store it was supposed to become 9 years ago. Leverage folks.

The reason this news gets everyone rolling is due to Stan’s quiet nature.  He doesn’t treat the press like they are a needed valve to his operation and works on his own terms.  He shadow boxes the media and fanbase better than any sports owner in the land.  He is a tricky man and it works to his advantage in these matters.

The NFL doesn’t want the Rams to move back to LA anyway.  Think about it.  An expansion team means more money and a brighter future out west than leftovers from the Midwest.  Los Angeles had the Rams once and they were shipped away.  That large metropolis needs new blood and a new logo and face.  Mark Cuban maybe?

Stan and The Rams are staying put.  By 2015, the Ed Dome has to be in the top 8 of all 32 NFL stadiums or in their words, top tier.  If not, the Rams are free to move or do a year to year lease.  My thought process tells me another renovation deal is struck or a new stadium plan is made before that mark is up.

For 700 million dollars, I would rather see a new open air stadium with real grass and roots out in Earth City instead of brightening up the dead as a door nail North St. Louis Ed Dome.

I am not telling you the Rams will become a Super Bowl team or fill a new stadium anytime soon.  That depends on drafts, schedules, play and coaching which only the future holds dear.  I can tell you based on past dealings and the current smell of gunpowder in the air, that if a new NFL team lands in LA, it will not be the Rams.  Don’t start calling him “Stan Not The Man” just yet.

Then again, I have to applaud the guy for making ripples like this for buying an empty parking lot.  Ramble on Rams Fans!


Photo Credit-LA Times

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