Music Spotlight: PAINT ME LUCID

imageedit_1_8852415356When it comes to good old fashioned music that involves a heartfelt dose of storytelling soul, it is best to keep things simple.   Three guys take the stage, pour their heart out on it and leave it there for the fans to soak up and lift their own evening up.   In a day and age where excess can bog down good music and Miley Cyrus is busy licking poles or Lady Gaga is transforming into her 15th alter ego, simple songwriting and guitar play wrapped around lead vocals is a much needed dose for the music loving crowd.

Enter Paint Me Lucid, a Boston, Massachusetts group that was originally comprised of two men, Thomas Moore and Joe Jones.   On their Facebook page, the description of their music is quite simple and defines their intentions.   “Two guitars, two sweet voices, making music, I think we are a band.”  You might notice you didn’t hear any complications or advanced stage work in that description.  Just rust, bone and old school tunes.

In a style that mixes elements of MGMT, Alt-J, and Dr. Dog, Moore and Jones deliver acoustic gems that slowly inhabit your mind and stick around for a while.   Checking out their home page on Reverb, where album covers, pictures and singles exist for your pleasure, you get the sense that this is a independent production financed completely on raw ambition and not due to instruction.  These two guys decided to be musicians and didn’t just enlist for it.  That’s the great thing about music.  You don’t just play it.  You have to create it first.

Clicking on the track, To The Moon, and the first 35 seconds of the song basically covers a slow building acoustic guitar followed by a melody that brings to mind Blind Melon or early Pearl Jam Unplugged.  Whatever the opposite of phony and fake is, Moore and company are chasing it here.  “Down In The Valley”, “Sounds” and “Good month’s sleep” follow the same method of tipping your attention just enough to hook you in with the comfortable melodies of their music.

Check it out for yourself at

Find them on Facebook at

Hear their music right here at

They are prepping the release of their second album for 2014, and have tracks “Death” available to listen to from the EP they released in June, named Water Color.  They have since added a third member to the band by the name of Malcolm Samuel.   Moore and Jones each handle guitar/vocals depending on the song and Samuel will be bringing something new to their sound on 2014’s album.  New singles like “100th time today” are on the album and  will be released in the coming weeks.

This is a band with big time intentions in the world of music and a group that will depend on its following and new listeners to give them that proper push to the promised land.


Dan Buffa is the co-creator, administrator and writer for the movie website, He also writes for the local blog United Cardinal Bloggers in addition to Arch City Sports and also writes for his personal blog,   He is a STL born and raised writer with a need to inform and the ability to pound out 1,000-1,500 word pieces with ease.  When he isn’t writing or drinking coffee, he is spending time with his wife and son in South City.  Follow him at @buffa82 on Twitter and reach him for thoughts, comments and general feedback at

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