Cards Game Reaction and More

When Ben Affleck was announced as Batman in the 2015 sequel to Man of Steel, this addict’s radar went off and I had to depart a very good game.  I did return from Gotham in South Boston to rewatch the highlights and report that tonight’s game produced a stream of thoughts.  Here is a quick rundown of what happened tonight.

My Take From the Cards Win-

*Pete Kozma still has 3 hits in August, yet continues to start.  Unlike Dan Uggla, this .219 hitter can’t bash home runs out of the yard.   Daniel Descalso came into the game early and got a hit in 2 at bats.  Kozma is .057 for August.  He needs to go and it’s finally the hour for a Ryan Jackson appearance.  He has the defensive skills and might have a slightly better bat than .219.

*Joe Jelly Kelly provided another solid start.  Solid if not great work from a guy who continues to impress.  He has pitched 12 innings and allowed 2 runs total against the best team in baseball(record wise at least).   He went 6, allowed 2 runs on 7 hits, and struck out 3 batters and walked 2.  He delivered what was expected.  The base line for the opportunity to win.  He’s as good as bottled water right now.

*Quiet down about Matt Holliday losing some production back in the #3 hole.  He was 2-3 with a walk tonight including a huge RBI double in the 6th.  He will hit anywhere.  Just let him be.  Sometimes Holliday haters just talk so they can be seen, like annoying umpires in a game of rivals.

*Mike Matheny didn’t receive much wrath from Twitter tonight and it seems like every time Kelly starts, the young skipper makes better decisions.  It must be nice knowing your starter will deliver what is expected.  I didn’t see that many bunts tonight.  Fact.

*Carlos Beltran is heating back up at the right time.   In his last 10 games, Beltran is hitting .341.

*David Freese continues to starve off desperation with a hit and 2 RBI tonight.  I still say he needs to light it up to get starts because Kolten Wong offers you a little more but the Imos Boy faithful is still strong.

*Matt Carpenter continues his wickedly hot table setting ways.  2 hits, his 42nd double, and 2 runs scored.   He is hitting .312 and looking mighty confident doing so.  Where did we find this guy?  2 years ago he was nowhere on the depth chart and boom, now he is our leadoff guy for the foreseeable future.  It starts and ends with his ability to work the count and play solid defense.

*Trevor Rosenthal is showing some signs of wearing down but he has appeared in 58 games and still gets the job done.  He allowed a hit tonight yet threw 10 pitches and finished off the 9th inning.  He has allowed 5 earned runs in his last 10 outings but is still a strong reliever.  I trust the guy.

*Paul Maholm is an average pitcher and Atlanta’s worst starter.  He no hit us for nearly 4 innings before we woke up and scored 5 runs off him.   This series was set up perfect because we got their worst to start and don’t face their best, Mike Minor, until Sunday.

*Add to that The Braves are walking wounded.  Jason Heyward got beaned with a pitch in the jaw and will miss 6 weeks.  Dan Uggla may return this weekend but who knows what his eye sight will yield.  B.J. Upton is struggling.  Justin Upton hits a home run(as seen tonight) or is a quick out.  This team is already without its ace, Tim Hudson.  This is a time to get the best of them.

*There are only a few things better for a Cards addict than finding out the game you are going to see live tomorrow night features Adam Wainwright.   The true Carp. Jr takes command of a game and will help a dad trying to get at least 6 innings in with a 2 year old in attendance.

*The Pirates jumped SF’s Matt Cain and won tonight.  The Reds won.  No worries.  All we have to do is stay close.  The next 16 games are crucial.  Braves, Reds and Pirates.  We get through that with at least 9 wins then we are solid for the final stretch.

*The Reds lost Jonathon Broxton and Johnny Cueto for at least the regular season today, so their fragile pitching corps took a huge hit.  I am not afraid of that team at all, especially at Busch Stadium.  The advantage is ours.

*Edward Mujica is fine.  It’s just a muscle in his back, located near the traps and lats near the mid section.  With therapy and meds, he will be fine.  Judging by the way he finished off his game on Wednesday, I have tons of faith in him getting the job done.  The solo home run he allowed on Wednesday was his first earned run allowed in August, spanning 8 outings.  He also pitched 2 innings three separate times last week, which can lead to a back spasm or two.  He has recovered from a rough July and returned to stellar form.  He is 33-35 in save opportunities which is quite incredible when you take into account his history and this team’s sudden need for a fix in April.  Without Mujica, this team may not sit as pretty.  Team MVP goes Molina, Carp Jr., Mujica, Craig.

*Most errors on the Cards.  Carpenter and Descalso each have 11 errors.

*Mike Shannon’s heart surgery was shocking but hearing he is out of it and recovered and ready to roll is great news.  Radio calls without Shannon wouldn’t seem right.

The Random Bits-

*My son Vinny turns 2 years old on September 14th and I can’t believe its been that long.   I’ve become a diaper changing ninja, car seat specialist, and overall hands on mechanic with this kid but he throws me curveballs every day.  I may not Hollywood’s idea of a superhero, but to this kid I am just that and I am cool with it.

*The Spectacular Now and Drinking Buddies are very good movies.   Each are 95 minutes or less.  One you can watch at home.

*Ben Affleck already played a tortured superhero, portraying George Reeves in the underrated crime film Hollywoodland.  He was excellent in that film.  He wasn’t my first choice but I understand the move and like the bold flavor of it.  Affleck will throw little Henry on his shoulders and make sure its done right.  All he has to do is step on set and say, “Argofuckyourself”.

*One advantage of having my own site/link/domain is owning that particular name and being able to build an actual site off it one day.  I do plan to build a site around my material and make it legit.  First step was securing a domain.  You can type dose of buffa into google and my words will hit you at the top.  Small if solid accomplishment.

*The word, Buffa,means an Italian comic opera, according to google.   This is what happens when you google yourself.  Madness.

Alright, I am bringing this wildly unplugged and slightly less than spectacular entry to a close.  Thanks for reading and goodnight.


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