A Quick Breather

Some guys do nothing when they need a breather.  They get a drink, walk outside, and sit down.  Think.  The problem is I am always thinking.  So when I need to relax, I come here and let it rip.  I can drink, think extended thoughts and sit still later.  Right now, the head is rumbling.  

I won’t spend a long time on the Cards today.  They are annoying me, killing my tolerance for baseball and quite simply driving me insane.  Slowly, the wee hours of August will start to approach and things will get serious.  I may go away for a couple weeks, come back and ask what happened.  Ask for a press release.  For now, I will tell you the Cards got beat by the Dodgers because bad luck, weak hitting and untimely pitching injuries seem to not want to leave the room.  On Monday, we had Buntgate with Beltran and a 3-2 loss.  On Tuesday, Joe Kelly outdueled Clayton Kershaw and we won.   Wednesday, Shelby Miller took a dinger off his elbow and left after 2 pitches.  Jake Westbrook entered, and gave up 9 runs on 14 hits even though apparently(via Dave Duncan) it takes 3 tough women with good hands, a snake charmer and a lot of heating pads to get him loose to pitch every 5th day.  Last night, Baby Carlos left with a cramp after giving up 4 runs in 4.2 innings.  The offense produced 1 run on 5 hits.  That’s it.   Rough week for Cards rookies and the team as well.  You take those losses and keep on trucking.  The lineup is rough because while Tony Cruz hasn’t sucked, he hasn’t exactly lit up pitching.  The loss of Yadi Molina to this lineup makes the bottom 3 slots in the order look like wretched shit.  Weak hitting catcher, shortstop and pitcher.  That’s a layup for an average pitcher.   There’s the problem.  The top 6 aren’t rocking mitts but the bottom half is plain weak.  Slide David Freese down to the 7th spot, push Tony Cruz up to the middle of the order to give him a shot and see where it takes you.  Molina can come off the DL this Thursday.  Until then, shake shit up.  The Cubs are in town,  They are bad but won’t roll over.  Chicago would love to come in here minus Alfonso Soriano and Matt Garza and beat us up.  Get to work Cards.
Dan Haren and Kyle Lohse are on waivers but neither make me lunge for the phone.  Haren is 6-11 with a 5.14 ERA and has allowed 21 HR.  If it were 2 years ago, I ‘d say yes.  Lohse is the same old crafty pitcher that may benefit from Busch’s walls but not sure if Mo springs for him.  He is the better option.  He is 7-7 but has a 3.23 ERA with a wretched team.  He has won 2 of his last 3 starts and has only allowed 2 runs or less in his last 4 starts.  Coming back to this lowly hitting team right now may not help him much, but I would support a Lohse acquisition over a Haren pull.  
The Cards offense is feast of famine right now.  Score 13 or score 1 or 2.  That’s dangerous and not very playoff like.  Our team isn’t good against good teams and can’t win close games against them nor can they come back late.   This 2013 team is a perplexing bunch of rogues.  Wait and see approach engaged.
Switching gears to movies-
Elysium was like a chocolate bar summer film.   A decent action flick that is easy on the eyes and entertains you yet melts quick after you hold in your hand long enough.  It deals with a future society where the rich live on a luxurious planet while the poor are stuck on a polluted dying earth.  Enter Matt Damon’s bald ex-con and he may be the one to reestablish the equilibrium.   Damon is fine but overqualified for a glorified action role and director Neill Bloomkamp takes a step back from District 9 with this blockbuster.  District 9 flip flopped the normal dilemma between aliens and humans.  For the first time, aliens were the victims of our government greed.  Here, it’s poor against the rich and the execution leaves nothing to be fought over.  As it is, I’d recommend it because it entertains and moves but don’t expect to be blown away.  
I still implore you to watch Fruitvale Station.   That 86 minute film will rock you.   The Spectacular Now comes out in 2 weeks.  A great HONEST coming of age high school romance.  Drinking Buddies is available on demand and comes out in theaters in 2 weeks.  Olivia Wilde proves she is more than a pretty face and Jake Johnson is excellent as well about a couple long time friends who work at a brewery testing the romantic shores of their relationship.  This isn’t your normal romantic comedy.  It’s honest, heartbreaking and leaves you a little wet.  
I am not good with time zones.  I am interviewing director D.J. Caruso today and was very excited because it’s my first big time director interview.  He has done a few of my underrated gems like Two For the Money and The Salton Sea.  He also directed Shia Labeouf in Eagle Eye and Disturbia as well as Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives.   He directed a kids film this month called Standing Up, and I was all ready at 130pm today.  Too bad it’s a PST based interview and it was 330pm PST.  Which means….530 CT.  I had in mind that it was 130pm all night and day.   Which is why this man needs to relax.  Anybody got a joint, a shot glass and a paper airplane?  Never mind.
Twitter is my friend these days as you all know.  It’s a 24/7 information highway and home to writers testing their craft at putting a thought into 140 characters.  It’s growing.  I got on the radio with http://www.redwolfrollcall.com on Wednesday for 25 minutes(4pm and 10pm for my Cards and movies segment) with Rob Butler and Aaron Russell in Arkansas.  I also interact with sportswriters, athletes, actors and filmmakers there.  If you use twitter, you know that hash tags are the connective tissue of the site.  If I use a hashtag like #STLCards, then anybody who uses that hash tag has the chance to see my tweet.  You can have fun with them as well.  I was writing about dealing with a crazy kid and I said #BabyBuffaBlues.   Common ones are #NoShit and #TakeYourBase.   Well, a popular one this week was Confess Your Unpopular Opinion.   Tell the twitter world something that you believe that may be hated by most.  Here are five that I came up with.  
Buffa Unpopular Opinions-
1. I am in favor of the NL getting the DH.  Unless you take it out of both leagues, I am for it.  Makes the game a lot more interesting and fun to watch and doesn’t let pitching changes enter the mindset so much.  I know that isn’t popular and I am not adamant about it.  I would be more for getting it taken out completely but also wouldn’t mind seeing leagues be made equal.
2. I really hate it when someone uses the phrase “LOL”.  I hate it a lot.  It instantly lowers my respect for that person’s intelligence.   If you are laughing out loud, record it, send me the tape.  I’ll approve. Nonsense.
3.  I am not a huge fan of the Godfather or Scarface.  Both are overrated and overlong.  I prefer Goodfellas over the Godfather trilogy.  I think Scorsese did in one film what Coppola did in three films.  A precise tight gangster story.  Sorry Al Pacino.
4. I don’t treat my pets like my children.  Dogs are pets, not children.  They are treated like an animal.  With love but also with a separate treatment than my kid.  My parents think their dogs are real daughters and while I can accept that, in this house, dogs are dogs.  Plain and simple.  
5. Not sure if the Blues win a Stanley Cup before my kid starts high school.  He is 22 months old by the way.  Just saying.
One More-While I don’t love their music, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry won’t burn out like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.  They actually have talent.
The new Mumford and Sons video for their song, “Hopeless Wanderer” is self deprecation at its finest.  The folky rockers hired four comedy guys(Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte and Ed Helms) to dress up as them and prance around, cry and dance through the number.  Result is quite hilarious.  Check it out.
I am gone.  Goodnight.

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