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Hot off my radio stint, which you can hear tonight from 8-11pm on streaming on their home page.  My first sports radio shot and it was a 25 minute blast talking with Rob Butler and Aaron Russell, who I met through a friend on twitter and took off.  In less than 12 hours, I talked to Rob on Twitter and was on his show the next day.  That is how 24/7 media runs these days.  Quick and blunt, like me.  I will be doing a weekly baseball/movies shot at 4pm on Wednesdays.  As long as I can or until I find a real job.  I promoted my website and my own writing.  Which I will unfold a little here.

As I type, Allen Craig is being scratched from the lineup for an unspecified reason.  Not sure if he has a hangnail, broken toe, fever or a case of the greatness disease, but this means Matt Adams’ hot bat goes back into the lineup and Beltran will definitely play(and not bunt) in right field.  Onward..

*Beltran and the Bunting Saga.  PUT TO REST HERE.  Beltran acknowledged it was him who ordered the bunt on Monday night.  Why do managers and athletes have a hard time understanding the notion that informing the media is the quickest route to burying a topic.  Tale of the tape is simple.  Beltran bunted Monday night to move runners over instead of swinging away to knock them home.  Matheny didn’t order it but wouldn’t tell all after the game.  He could have kept his close relationship with his players afloat by simply saying certain players have a freedom at the plate, and whether its good or bad it is apparent at all times.  Bad choice in my opinion because a man with a .300 BA and 19 HR shouldn’t be giving away outs, esp with runners on base.

*Cardinals’ Memphis rotation.   Good problems to have are having an entire rotation of arms ready to pitch in the majors next season.  With Carlos Martinez, Michael Wacha, John Gast and Tyler Lyons, the Cards have that. This will make up for the loss of Jake Westbrook and Chris Carpenter, and create competition with Joe Kelly and Jaime Garcia.  You will have a boatload of rotation hopefuls which is why I see a trade happening for a SS coming in the offseason.

*David Freese and Jon Jay need to finish well or they may find themselves out of a job next season.   Kolten Wong and Oscar Taveras will be on this team sooner rather than later, and Freese is the guy who may not return.  Freese is putting up Jay like numbers this year and that is not good.  Stiff decline from his 2012 campaign.  We all know he is the hometown hero and the new face of IMOS Pizza but when facts come to stats, you have to produce.  Carp can play third base and Wong’s position is 2nd base.  This is another great issue for the team to have.  Pay Freese 3-5 million in 2014 or let him walk and roll the dice.

*Slow game, long season, lots of heartbreak for diehard fans.  It’s hard to not get romantic about this game.  It gets its own spotlight for 3-5 months per year in the summer and the games was calculating and slow moving.  Baseball fans, in my opinion, really have to EARN IT.

*Allen Craig’s emergence as an RBI machine quiets the Pujols loyalists and offers another smooth transition at a big position.  Now that he could be hurt, that idea gets a little brittle.  Hold on until the news is fresh on Craig’s absence.  He may be delivering pizzas for Freese’s IMOS.  Who knows?

*Jaime Garcia coming back? Don’t hold your breath.  I am sure Joe Kelly loves the news.

*Speaking of Joe, the guy keeps pumping out laborious tough outings that give the Cards a chance to win.  He’s waited his turn.  Let him run with it until it gets ugly.

*Cards stand at 66-46 and 2 games behind the Pirates and 4 games ahead of the Reds.  We play 2 more against the Dodgers, followed by 3 games against the Cubs and finish the homestand against the Pirates.   We started August with a 13-0 revenge fueled beating of the Pirates in Pittsburgh and tortured fans don’t have to wait long for our return to the East.  We finish August in Pittsburgh.  Lots of games in August at home and against teams with a winning record and that has been the Cards kryptonite this year.  Winning against good teams and winning games decided by 2 runs or less.

*Maness, Rosenthal, Siegrist, Mujica.   Long way from Mujica-Boggs-Motte.  This just goes to show how deep and impressive the Cards system has become.  The Cards are holding serve on every team in the league.

That’s it.  Quick and blunt.  Time to run.



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