A Dose of Buffa

Hello folks,

As I watch a food show involving the making of chocolate donut stout and a sweet treat combination of donuts and potatoes.  In other words, I am typing hungry so this will be quick as I can possibly make it.  I write about whatever gets into my head and sounds like something that needs to be spread around.  I’m a news desk and crew in one.  Here we go.
Attention Lance Armstrong.  Shut up and go away.  Unlike Pete Rose, you have no candle to burn or hope in the world.  It doesn’t matter if everybody cheated when you won 7 Tour De France titles.  YOU CHEATED and LIED about cheating.  Cheating is one thing Lance(weak ass name for a man with only one testicle) but lying about is another.  Tell the truth.  Stay clean.  Don’t become Rafael Palmerio.  For now, Lance can just go away.  He is as annoying as Lebron James’ legacy right now.  
Again, the NBA Finals are over.  Stop talking about James and the finals.  Let me sum it up.  He turned on the mojo train against The Thunder last year and did the same thing against San Antonio this year.  When Lebron turns it on, the game and series is over.  The end.
The Philadelphia Flyers want Jaro Halak.  Am I an idiot for not wanting to just give him away?  I am as big of a Halak critic as anybody but something about his playoff experience makes me want to pull him back into the train instead of dangling him out onto the trade block.  Halak has proven playoff stout and can turn it on at the biggest time.  Brian Elliot in two series against the Kings, has wilted and went bad at the wrong time.  If we are going to trade Halak, get a very good player in return and be prepared to either push Jake Allen to take over the #1 goalie spot or make a small play for Ryan Miller.  We need big time goal keepers.  Elliot, as good as he was the past two years, isn’t that guy.  
I agree wholeheartedly when Bernie Miklasz says the easy cozy rock star Blues locker room needs to be rocked by a veteran and eventually dismantled.  Backes is only as strong as the respect he has from his fellow linemates.  They have all skated and come up with Backes, so he is limited in his shouting reach.   That means an outside personality needs to come in and change the face of that locker room.  You can’t expect the same group of guys to make a difference after a certain amount of years.  In short, Patrik Berglund isn’t going become a different personality or player at this point.  He is who he is and if that’s not a good thing, the 2013-2014 season needs to be a one off for some of these “aging” youngsters.  Just an idea.
The Cards send Shelby Miller to the mound tonight against Bartolo Colon and the Oakland A’s, who are surprisingly 46-34, hitting well and pitching strong.  They have a great closer as well who has been as sharp as Cards’ Edward Mujica in the ninth inning.  In other words, this will be a test.  Colon, still as thick as pan pizza, is 10-2 with a 2.90 ERA in the AL.  Another Billy Beane magic trick find.  He likes to throw the heat and mix in his curve. Miller will try and not throw 100 pitches inside 6 innings and mix and match his pitches to stretch himself out.  I like this series right now for the Birds.  They need this test.  On the road and at the end of a month where they have played .500 baseball.   The Pirates have closed the gap in the division and the Reds are right behind them.  We have to prove ourselves this weekend.  They need to jump on Colon’s first pitch fastball and get a lead and finish things tonight.  Get ahead and land a punch first.   The AL league is the beastly presence area.  Use the bat and do something productive with it.  
My Cards insiders(you know who you are) and I decided on something pretty logical.  Matt Adams needs to get 4 at bats a night when the Cards play in an AL park.  Put him at the DH spot or move Craig to RF, Beltran to DH and put Big City at first base.   Whatever the mix, get Adams some playing time while it affords you the chance.  Mike Matheny has no reason to put Shane Robinson or Ty Wiggington ahead of Adams here unless he wants to be compared to an idiot.  
Mike Matheny also needs to stop taking out big hitters late in games.  Stop pulling David Freese, Matt Holliday and Yadi Molina out in the 8th inning of a close game for baserunning.  I don’t mind it in certain spots(down by 1 run in the 8th and you badly need speed) but overall I’m not a fan.  Keep in mind extra innings can always happen and wasting your bench is a bad idea and your bench has a guy named Ty sitting on it who gets a hit every 10 at bats.  
We play Albert Pujols and the Angels next week.  For the first time, the Cards will oppose Jose Alberto Pujols in a regular season game.  It will be weird but interesting and a thrill.  He is finding his stroke and the Cards pitchers know him very well.   The Angels can hit for days but have ZERO reliable pitching.  Instead of signing a pitcher in the offseason, they handed Josh Hamilton Pujols money and went insane.  Jerry Dipoto’s big idea is now looking like a big crock of shit.  He is in trouble and the fans aren’t backing him up.  Pujols is there, though and the series will be interesting.  
Speaking of AP, we can’t get through this week without him opening his large trap about his Cards past.   In an interview with Fox Sports, he was mostly respectful but still found a way to be a bitter ass.  He still blames the front office of the Cards for disrespecting him and treating him badly.  This is where I find trouble.   How did they do that,Albert?  They offered you a smart 5 year deal worth 30 million a year and eventually offered you a stupid(I even backed this crazy deal up in desperation) 10 year, 200 million dollar contract that didn’t include a 10 year service fee after and gave you an opportunity to retire with one team and retire as the #1 Cardinal record holder of all time.  Instead, you bolt to the West Coast like a whiny baby who just shit his pants and continue to whine about it.  First, you sent your wife Didi to go all Brenda Warner on a STL radio station before you left in December of 2011, and today you still find a chance to whine about it.   I love what Pujols did here over 11 years and still say we got the best of him.  He won’t do in LA what he did in STL.  No way.  Health or not.  However, Pujols wanted to be cuddled like a little child by the DeWitt and Mozelaik team and that didn’t happen.  Baseball is a business and if I know one thing, dollars and feelings don’t play on the school yard together.  As I told Lance earlier, Albert, shut up and play.  Keep your feelings to yourself.  You made the choice and left.  Shame on you for still looking back a year and a half later.
White House Down is a solid form of summer entertainment and legitimizes Channing Tatum as a leading man star to reckon with.  Tatum is a versatile talent and in my column posted on Film-Addict, I go into detail about the early roles that showed an abundance of talent.  In this summer White House take down flick, Tatum teams up with Foxx(spinning a comic take on Obama) and saves the day against one of my favorite character actors Jason Clarke(Brotherhood, Zero Dark Thirty).   It’s an easy smooth film that is the polar opposite of the heavy and starting to tire in my mind MAN OF STEEL.   WHD is downright cool.  Go see it and spare your mind for 2 hours.
If not, check out World War Z, which is not the loud stupid CGI zombie fest that the trailer makes it out to be.  It is a smart taut tension building thriller.  Hoorah for Brad Pitt for stepping up and sharpening the almighty blade of editing here.
For DVD, rent Snitch because its a reliable true story that shows a different side of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.   In this film, he doesn’t throw a punch or dive off a moving plan shooting bad guys.  He is a desperate father going undercover in a drug cartel to free his son from prison.  Susan Sarandon and Barry Pepper co-star in this solid little drama.  
For all the people who were dying for Arnold and Sly to team up in a real movie, check out the Escape Plan trailer.  For the real movie lovers, check out this Buffa Trailer of the Week , a film called Prisoners.   It stars Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Terrence Howard and details the lengths a father goes in order to find the man who kidnapped his daughter.  Maria Bello plays Jackman’s wife and tells him something that will break any dad in half, “You told us you could protect us from everything!”  What a line and what a trailer.  Check it out.
Drinking a Bolus and Infusion from Shaw’s Coffee on The Hill in St. Louis.  Iced bold coffee with two extra shots in it.  This tastes like pure gasoline and it’s fantastic.  Shaw’s is the place for good reliable coffee when Starbucks gets too predictable.  I’ve been going to Marconi and Shaw since I was 6 years old because I grew up on Kingshighway and Tholozan.  I live right next to where I grew up and that is one of the proudest parts of my life.  Raising my son right where I grew up.   Every time I run around this neighborhood, I feel proud to still call it my own backyard.   Shaw’s is good stuff.  If you love strong coffee and live near the Hill, go get a cup.  They use raw pasta spaghetti strings for stirring and used to be a bank.  You can have a cup of coffee in their old vault.  Speaking of the Hill, the delicious Zia’s could be the Buffa’s dinner choice tonight.  
I will be watching Ray Donovan when it premieres tomorrow night after Dexter because Donovan is so damn good.  It’s a pilot that can be appreciated over and over because there are so many stories being introduced in that opening hour.   Liev’s main fixer is the heart and soul but there is an array of cast members who will play a defining role in the opening season.  This show feels like Brotherhood, an old Showtime original series gem that ran a perfect three seasons.  Yes, I will keep talking about Ray Donovan.  Writing a piece for my website this next week.  
Conducting another phone interview soon for Film-Addict.  This time with a female star of another independent movie.  I will be talking to either Daryl Hannah or Virginia Madsen.   If it’s the latter, I will be asking about her brother, Michael.  I may ask Hannah about the wonderful experience of Kill Bill 1 & 2.  Things are looking up for my website.  We have a new writer, Alana Hammonds on our staff and she is very sharp, witty and a good writer.  Its amazing what the 6 full time workers do with this website.  We just find the time.  One day, FA will be our main job.  That’s the dream.  That’s the goal.  Every day.  
Ladies and gents, that’s all I got.  Goodnight.  Thanks for reading.  The job search continues but I do get to stretch my blogging hours a little more and spend more time with my little Italian prodigy, Vincent.  

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