Why I Am Not Voting…and more

Here is why I am not voting this year or the next time while we are it…

We aren’t voting for people.  We are voting for a robot, put into a system and mixed up in a large group of people.   When did Presidents stop writing their speeches?  When did that bullshit start?  If I was the executive in chief for a country, I would write my own damn words.   That is the beginning of the madness.  The despair that currently fills the walls of Washington.  Stop blaming the men in office and start blaming the system in place.  The system changes every Presidential candidate the minute they step into office.  I read a story in GQ magazine a few years back that solidified my view on politics and how it is absolutely fucking useless at this current moment.  A small town guy in Pennsylvania wanted to run for office in the Senate.  He had ideals, some cash and a few backers.  He was sent a campaign manager who told him what he was going to represent and how he was going to run and speak during his campaign.  At first, the man just went with the plan and started putting his campaign together.  Before long, the man saw a campaign being put together that had little to do with what he wanted and a lot to do with an ideal set in place for him.   This is a true story and no I don’t have names.  Whether you believe it or not will depend on your idea of my honesty.  The problem with Barack Obama is the same problem with the last few Presidents.  We aren’t seeing their ideals and plans.  We are seeing a fraction of their ideals, shoved into a system, conformed for the current value of thought and transformed into a campaign that ends up taking money from our pockets and time from our lives.  They are robots and nothing more.  Same for Mitt Romney, who is a walking contradiction by the way.  For people who think he will change anything, get in the line of utterly retarded characters and vote for him.  Politicians aren’t worthy anymore.  They used to stand for something.  Now they are see through robots who have nothing new to say or give.  If you are currently deciding who to vote for, you are in a big predicament.  The hesitation shouldn’t be active.  One of them will provide this while taking something else away.  I am sure Obama wanted to do good and a lot of it.  Same for Bush in a way and Clinton.  I am sure they wanted to do some good and provide stability.  However, with the current system of greed and hatred in Washington, where the acts of war criminals puncture our heartland daily, the chance for stability is impossible.  Forget about changing anything.  Blow up the system first.  Do that and there could be a future.  So many people take shots at Obama and they are missing the point.   He is the latest robot thrown into office without a real smart map of how to fix a problem.  He did some good in his four years and made a decent amount of bad decisions.  The point is he has to go for some new blood to sink into the office, but the answer isn’t Mitt Romney so what do you do?  Vote for Obama because he is better than Mitt or because he is the real deal.  People say the debt was so bad and the situation was so dire for Obama when he took office and we need to give him a second term to make up for the previous inept decision making.   That’s a lot of hope in one statement.  Are you willing to bet four years on it?  There are a lot of people without jobs right now.  Obama got Bin Laden but that was set in motion by Bush and his administration.  I can’t give full credit to Obama’s party for that kill.  That was set in motion long before he came into office.  He just pushed the green button and good for him.  His health care bill gave comfort to some but left many out in the cold.  He tried to overlook a terrible Oil Spill.   Yes, he was on camera saying there was no oil spill when we had clear footage of tons of wild life dying, water being darkened and rotted to the core and a large body of water filling with waste.   He followed orders there.   Remember, he doesn’t even write his own speeches.  I am sorry but the man isn’t the answer.  He promised a lot of things and hasn’t came through.  Will he in the next four years?  Maybe.   As we welcome a film about Abraham Lincoln into the theaters, I can’t help but wish one of these leaders carried an inch of the resolve and strength of wise old Abe.  Sure, times have changed and economics are different.  Still, you can hope for better and someone to be as strong and diligent about change as Lincoln.   When we get that kind of leader again?  I don’t see one coming.  We are the party stuck in the middle of the ocean stranded and needing water.  We keep looking for a fucking light to give us hope.  There is none.  Politicians are robots.  You aren’t voting for the person.  You are putting your hard earned dollars into a machine.  A problematic system.  A system that kept soldiers in enemy territory getting killed like weak lamb for no reason at all for10 years.   You had a President who profited off of war and the blood that came with it.  He profited off the death of soldiers and framed it around a fake manhunt.   We had another who looks like he is being overwhelmed by duty but keeps handing out promises like its Halloween candy.   I just can’t invest in that.  I won’t be voting because I don’t see a fit candidate worth my vote.  Not that our votes actually count for something.  Electoral votes put bodies in the office and not the voice of the people.  We will continue to yell at our televisions and shake our heads for the next four years.  We will wait and wait for salvation.   I will keep on doing my thing and surviving.  Voting for one of these guys won’t change a thing.  I will keep working, paying my bills and keeping my family warm without the hope of help on the way.  If you respond, please give me data, facts and something that can really reverse what was said here.  If you have none, just read it again and make sure the download is complete.

*How many times do parents say to others, “Well, he’s only __ old?”  He’s only 14 months old.  He’s only 4 years old.  He’s only 16 years old.  We hear it every fucking day.  My kid is a little man these days.  He has shed the baby label.  Trust me.  He knows his way around the house.  He pays attention when his ass is being wiped.  He is taking 5-6 steps at a time.  He is figuring our how far his reach can stretch.  He is testing his boundaries and recognizing the layers of command above him.  When he is doing something  wrong, he looks at Rachel or I and tries to gauge our reaction.   He looks at you as he continues to do something wrong.  That’s right.  I’m breaking the law bitches.  What are you going to do about it?  He throws fits of rage that scare his grandparents but only receive a knowing shake of the head from the parent.  I will do my best to not say those words at the start of this paragraph.   “Well, Vincent is only 14 months old, how am I supposed to tell him NOT to pound the shit out of the kid holding the cool toy in daycare?”  What can I say, boys will be boys, right?

*I firmly believe Lance Berkman will sign a one year deal in Houston.  Former Cards scout now Houston GM Jeff Luhnow has already said he will make a huge push to bring Berkman home for his end.  There’s a lot for Berkman to play for still if you look at his stats.  He would need a huge year of 40 home runs to reach 400.  He needs a little less than 150 hits to reach 2,000.  He has 1200 RBI, a .296 batting average and a .409 on base percentage for his career.   Quietly, the man has put together HOF worthy numbers.  He put together a dominant stretch from 2000-2009, including monster seasons in 2002 and 2006.  He is one of the best Astros to ever play the game, joining Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio and Nolan Ryan.  He is clearly one of the top five switch hitters of all time, right up there with steroid addict Ken Caminiti.  Hopefully, Berkman gets his proper sendoff and slides right into the television booth, where I think he would kill as an analyst.

*Watching the Manning brothers today do their work and it’s impressive to watch?  Peyton is equipped with a horrid Broncos defense but continues to put up amazing numbers and cut down his mistakes.   For anybody wondering if he still has the juice to play QB in the NFL, look at these numbers.  He has thrown 18 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.  He has thrown for 2,113 yards in 8 games and connected for a 69 percent completion percentage.   He has led a comeback after being down 24-0 at the half.  He has surprised even his own fans.   Four neck surgeries and the man gets it done.  He compensates for a poor defense and a limited throwing strength.   He could have rolled over and called it quits.  He didn’t do that.  He wants another Super Bowl ring…or two.   Eli Manning is taking on the Steelers in 30 minutes.  He has only won two Super Bowls and has his Giants set up for another deep run in the NFC this season.   He out dueled the love saturated rookie Robert Griffin III two weeks ago.  He isn’t as polished as his brother(Eli has 12 TD-8 INT) but in the 4th quarter he gets it done.  He has taken down Tom Brady’s Patriots twice in the Super Bowl and twice in the regular season.  Think about what Eli has done to Tom Brady’s legacy.  Sure, Brady has 3 rings, two other appearances and an outstanding career.  However, imagine if he had won those 2 Super Bowls and not lost to Eli.  Eli outplayed Brady in those two Super Bowls, including last year’s contest.  In crunch time, Eli, bolstered by a good defense, picked the Patriots apart.  He has restricted Tom Brady’s dominance.  He has left the Patriots without a Super Bowl since Spygate.  He is heading towards the promised land again.

*The Colts seemed to have made the right choice in taking Andrew Luck.  They are rebuilding and doing things right.  Letting Peyton go wasn’t a bad move after all.  My section above wasn’t a shot at the Colts.  Andrew Luck has thrown for 433 yards today against a decent Miami defense.  He could lead his team to an opening 5-3 record.   He has helped reinvent the career of former Ram Donnie Avery.  He has brought Reggie Wayne’s great talents back to life.  Luck and Griffin III are proving their risk taking teams right…so far.  They are competing and winning.

*Good work for Wreck It Ralph, the new animated feature starring John C. Reilly for scoring the top box office spot with a 49.1 million take.   It’s an intelligent film for kids and adults and is a smart mind trip that takes you down memory lane.  A story about a celebrated video game character seeking a different life.  Take your kids to that one.  Denzel Washington and Robert Zemeckis’ powerful drama, Flight, earned 25 million in the #2 spot, a solid debut for a film dealing with heroism under the fire of addiction.  It will have legs to carry it towards Oscar calls.

*Hurricane Sandy proves that Mother Nature can still wreck a city, even one as powerful and layered as New York and New Jersey.  It is exactly the reason I don’t live on the coast.  Florida and New York are easy targets.  Missouri is a little harder to reach.  Geography plays a part when it comes to residence and weather limits.

For a real account of its destruction, here is actor Theo Rossi(Sons of Anarchy) and his detailed experience of the devastation to his hometown of Staten Island.


That’s really all I got.  Before  I go,  here is something new on Film-Addict that I put up last night.  One of my good friends and film-addict co-creators, Chris McHugh, works with a guy named Patrick Rooney who acted in and produced a film in 2009 called Streetballers.   It was written, directed and produced by his best friend Matt Krentz.  It scored the highest rating in any film at the STL Festival in 17 years, beating out Juno and Slumdog Millionaire.  Patrick gave us the opportunity to ask him questions about the experience of filmmaking, the schedule, the locations shot at(LeGrands, Tower Grove, O’Connells) and the idea of actually producing a movie is and he emailed me a 3 page answer sheet that I posted on my site yesterday.  Please check it out.  It’s a great detailed account of getting a movie made in your hometown.  Krentz and Rooney are making their next film soon.  I have had the pleasure to speak with and stay in communication with Patrick and the man is a first class individual.   Here is the link to my site.


Take care and have a good night.  The work week is upon us and there is a good chance I will have a job by the end of the week.  I am in the late stages with a potential employer and it’s all due to a close friend.  The unemployment life could be left behind soon and while it took a toll on my family, the time I got to spend at home with my son Vincent was invaluable.  Know that.

Thanks for reading,



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