The Buffa Bullet Round

First comes the blast.  Then come the bullets.   I present to you the brief opinionated banter session.  The Buffa Bullet round starts now….1,000 words inside 30 minutes.

  • Drive Angry was exactly what I needed on a Monday night.  A blood drunk hard boiled action film that knew exactly what it had to give. Full throttled action packed excitement with an originality rarely seen in Hollywood these days. The plot doesn’t really matter, but it pertains to the grim reaper, revenge and a sinner getting his final wish. Cage and William Fichtner excel and Drive Angry exists purely as guilty pleasure fun.   This is what I wanted from Ghost Rider and instead I find my joy on a lonely Blockbuster wall.  Drive Angry is the kind of film critics pan because they can’t understand how to enjoy it without doing their job.   Cage is a ex-con who comes back from the dead to avenge the death of his daughter and save his granddaughter from a Satan nut job.   The grim reaper(Fichtner) gets in his way but Cage is assisted by Paige(the sweet fox Amber Heard) and the film is the quickest 105 minutes on a screen or television.   Everyone fits their roles here.   Cage as the boiling anti-hero.  Heard as the femme fatale.   Billy Burke as the baddie.  Fichtner as the Accountant.   David Morse as the old wise friend.  This film doesn’t require you to think, reason or wonder about what’s possible.   You sit there and enjoy it.  The gravy comes in the form of American muscle cars, including a 1969 Dodge Charger and Chevy Chevelle.  I really enjoyed this movie.  Give it a look on DVD.
  • The Blues have to beat a team in the Central Division to gain some confidence along with the idea of being able to conquer a team that will most likely follow you into the playoffs.  The last win against a divisional opponent came on December 3rd against Columbus.   Pathetic.  Lost inside a thrilling season is the missing ingredient required to beat the best who share a house with you in the Western Conference.  Until the Blues beat the Wings, Hawks, Preds or Blue Jackets, they won’t have a life.  Also, they need to win period so they can hold onto home ice advantage.   They are the most dominant home team in the NHL.  Locking down that advantage is at the top of the list.
  • Manny Rameriz is back in baseball.   Some guys simply can’t find a life outside of baseball.   Manny is the ultimate moron.  He cheated not once, not twice but three times.  He serves a 50 game suspension before joining the A’s.   Somebody must of slipped Billy Beane’s coffee a pill.
  • Act of Valor carries the unique chance to see real Navy Seals work inside a fictional plot.   The film deals with a make believe terrorist plot, but many parts of the film were assembled from real war stories.   The Seals in the film won’t be named for security reasons but they were given the script by the directors and had full rein to dictate the plot and story.   The result is a once in a lifetime chance to see a film starring the real deal heroes that help keep this part of the rock safe.  The film took three years to film in order to accommodate the men, and this weekend the film touches down in theaters.   The film sells itself.  There is no need to watch this film and wonder who is doing the stunts and how real it is.    The film contains scenes where live ammunition is used.   That’s real enough.
  • Justified rolls into my Tuesday evening tomorrow.   The highlight of my week on TV.   Folks, watch this show.  It’s worth every minute.
  • It’s wild to think what one man can get done in a day.  Sent off my blog right before the crack of midnight.   Slept for 4 hours.   Got up for work at 4am.  Went into work at 455am.   Clocked out at 330pm.   Got home, hung out with the kid, acquired new music, and fed the kid.   Made it to the gym.  Watched a flick.  Writing another blog and will clean up the head in a few minutes before calling it a night.   Put your mind to it and anything is possible.
  • I can’t tell you if I am ready for the 24/7 baseball madness with the Cardinals.   The offseason flew by thanks in part to Pujols mania and now spring training is on the doorstep.   Whether I like it or not, the obsession will begin.   Pain meds in the mail.
  • I have already explained it to you but I like our chances this season.
  • NBA action is hard to enjoy when so many players take games off with lazy play, stupid fouls and a ridiculous lack of intelligence.  You don’t see this in the NHL or the NFL, the other high contact/energy sports.    That’s why players like Kevin Durant are easy to appreciate.  He plays it the right way and does things the right way.   Blake Griffin is overrated.  Durant is not.
  • Watching your kid get sick and suffer at the hands of a cold can’t be cured by any medicine known to man.   Vinny can’t breathe clearly and the little guy only finds a bit of solace in sleep.   Poor guy sounds like Tony Soprano in a marathon right now.  A father can only sympathize and associate this with growing pain toughness.
  • A Taste of the Band of Skulls new album for your listening pleasure.   “Bruises”.  Hardcore blues rock doesn’t get any better than this.  There’s something about a pale yet hot female artist blaring the blues from her lips that goes down the tubes easy and smooth.
  • NBC’s new drama AWAKE with Jason Issacs looks promising.   A show about a cop being unable to associate which life is real after a horrible car wreck tears his family apart.  The one where he wakes up with his son alive or the other where his wife is still breathing.  Fascinating enough to follow.

I’m running out of words here so I am pulling this brief stream of consciousness to a close.  Thanks for reading and stay thirsty for news while I reload the hands for next time.

Goodnight and good luck,

Dan L. Buffa

1,043 words and counting so sue me….

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