Daily Notes From The Dream

Hello ladies and gents,

Here’s is what has been rolling around the head the past week.   A series of thoughts, opinions, and notes about the usual suspects section of material.   Things you may have heard about but haven’t gotten the opportunity to receive from this direction.   Without further delay, the latest Buffa Blast begins.

Spagnuolo and the Rams-The beginning of an explosion

Sooner or later, Spags has to be fired.  As a head coach, he hasn’t done the job necessary to retain it going into the following season or in my opinion, the following week.   The last nerve was touched this past weekend when Spags failed to go for it on 4th and 1 late in the game with the Rams near midfield.   These moments, where Spags doesn’t have the guts or grit to take a risk, define his time here as the head coach.   Why not go for it and work towards a win?  Your team is 2-8 and is out of the race, so why not have some fun, take a risk and install confidence in your players.   When coaches don’t take risks, they are either not built for coaching or think their team will fail.   Spags isn’t equipped with the greatest roster money can buy but he has better players than other coaches who have lost their job.   Let me explain it again.  A record of 10-33 doesn’t get you very far in any sport and the results need to render a change in the master seat.  The tipping point for me came in 2 doses on Sunday.  First, why punt it to Patrick Petersen when he singlehandedly defeated you 2 weeks ago in Arizona?  That’s a coaching misfire.  Spags should have kicked that ball himself out of bounds.  You don’t hand a killer like Petersen a loaded gun.   The second string came when he failed to make a run on 4th down.   Head coaches must gamble with the odds and take an unconventional approach if they are to feel good on cutting day.  Spags is too restrained, scared or has misplaced his balls since he took the job here.  He never simply goes for it.  Leading a 2-8 dead squad means mix in some creative playcalling.  Spags dug his own grave yesterday and there’s no way he survives the season.  How can he make it three years at 15-33(at best) and not feel the heat in his seat?  Stan Kroneke needs to take a look uptown and see what the Blues are doing under new veteran leadership in Ken Hitchcock.  Hitch didn’t come in and wipe the kid’s asses.   He told us that there would be a new style of hockey.  He isn’t a liar and doesn’t make excuses.   He installed a strict new order of play that has stuck for 10 games.    Spagnuolo’s main problem is treating his players like his sons and not like paid professionals.    The blowup in Rams Park needs to start at some point and Spags is the first to go.   While his contract is up at the end of the year, Kroneke needs to go unconventional here, make a statement and fire Spags and get some new blood in here to find out who belongs on this team and who needs to go.  You can’t find that out in offseason stat sheets.  You need to see it in games.  Bring in a roving coach and let him slap some sense into these guys.  Or bring in “motivational speaker” Bruce Boudreau to rile up this bunch.   Boudreau, fired by the Washington Capitals today, broke the HBO 24/7 record for “fucks” inside a 5 minute segment.  He is a no bullshit go for broke “eat my shit or your own” head coach.   Bring him in for a week and see what happens.   This is a joke but what isn’t excusable is allowing a failing coach to work 5 more weeks when those weeks can be spent seeing what a team has left under a new coach.   Look at the Blues.  They have RESPONDED to a coaching change and turned their entire season around.  The Rams can’t rescue their season but they can find a bit of dignity in the end.  Every team shuffle begins with the head coach going down. I didn’t write it that way but that’s the method that works.  When a coach hits the dirt, players all of a sudden are accountable for their actions.   While he is a good guy and someone who will work in the NFL elsewhere, Spags isn’t pulling results from this team and hasn’t been for 3 seasons on a consistent basis.  Kroneke needs to fire Spags and GM Billy Devaney.

Side Notes On The Rams

Coaching changes aside, the Rams have to go out and find some talent in the offseason.   Sign a talented legitimate wide receiver, refuel the secondary and linebacker positions,and take a good long hard look at your offensive line, which can’t keep Sam Bradford on his feet.   Switching out the coach is the first move, but the roster comes next.   Get new receivers in here and strengthen up the defense in the secondary.   Coaches are only as good as their talent.

Coaching Options.   There are names out there.   Bill Cowher is the golden goose who is probably headed for New York after Tom Coughlin is fired.   Cowher is a great coach who crafted a legendary career with the Steelers and is waiting to get back into coaching.  Kroneke needs to prop up Bradford and beg Cowher to come here.  Jon Gruden is one of my favorite ex-coaches but he has a 4 year deal at ESPN he will not break.   There are others out there.   Brian Billick won a Super Bowl with the Ravens and could shake things up.  Jeff Fisher, former Titans head coach, is on the market.  Fisher is a hardcore football mind who nearly won a Super Bowl and coached well in Tennessee and got fired after the Vince Young fallout.  I like Fisher and think he would be good for this team.   He won’t rock the boat or flip the car 360 degrees, but he will demand a performance and expect results and install a sense of urgency here.   The wild candidate is Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, the long haired loud mouthed buffoon who could bring some much needed color and charisma to the Ed Dome.   Imagine his post game pressers and thrills are there to be had.   Walking to the podium with a pabst blue ribbon freshly popped, waving his hair back as he sticks chew into his mouth while answering questions regarding his decision to call 45 blitz packages against a team with a great reactive QB.   Ryan pressers would make Tony TV seem like national geographic.  Cowher and Gruden are the golden gooses, but Fisher and Ryan share their own appeal.  Don’t be scared off by a little attitude.

The Blues Hot Streak Continues in Washington

Facing a team reeling from the firing of their coach Bruce Boudreau and a Capitals team mentioned in the same sentence as “Stanley Cup Contender”, the Blues dominated Alexander Ovechkin and the Caps in Washington last night.  Ladies and gents, its safe to say that the Ken Hitchcock style of hockey is working in St. Louis.   Joining the team 4 weeks ago and getting only a practice and an optional skate to work with before a matchup with Chicago, Hitchcock has found the winning desire on this young team of hockey soldiers and created a winning hockey team.  As he said at the press conference introducing him as head coach, we are watching the Blues play and seeing a hockey team that plays the game right.   What more are you going to do when your team is winning?   Search for the dirty areas?  Enjoy the ride?   Challenge the schedule to a duel of prediction?   All of the above.  Lets look at the little things.

*The goaltending is strong as ever and carrying the team.  The stoppers have held several 1-2 goal leads.  The best thing Hitch did when he came to this team was tell the city that Jaro Halak was going to remain the starting goalie and stay in the rotation.   He knew that a young goaltender struggling in the first month of the season needs the time and minutes to find his game and round it into shape.  It was a gutsy move because it seems like backup bargain bin grab Brian Elliot hasn’t allowed a goal all season and was playing great when Hitch came in.  If there was one great thing in October, it was Elliot’s play behind Halak.   However, Hitch did the right thing in sticking with Halak.  The Slovak has lowered his goals against average from 3.53 to 2.44 in the time period and produced a shutout.   Elliot has maintained his level of excellence, reaching 10-1 and leading the NHL with a 1.44 GAA and .950 save percentage.  95 percent of the time, Elliot stops the shot.  Amazing.  Halak is keeping up the pace and these two have formed the most unlikely goaltending duo in the league.  Betting on these two being the dynamic combo in October is like calling the Cards a playoff contender in September.  Crazy and requiring a heavy dose of whiskey.

*Hitchcock’s style is sticking.  The most consistent play this team has seen in 6 years. 8-1-2 since his arrival and risen to 3rd in the conference and 4th in the entire league.   The change in this team’s game to game play looks like night and day on the tape.

*Power play and stupid penalties are still problems but fixable.  The Blues do understand that only 5 guys can play on the ice at once? 3 penalties for 2manymen on ice the past month.  A coach’s worst nightmare is the failure to keep only 5 on the ice at once. Now isn’t the time to resemble  The Rams.

*David Backes is coming into his own while Chris Stewart regresses.  Two big men going in opposite directions.  Backes has 9 goals and 5 in his last 8 games and is knocking bodies down and keeping the order on the ice while killing penalties, working the top line and power play.   Backes is everywhere and Stewart has taken a step back since his 3 game suspension.   Stewie stormed into St. Louis last March and took the franchise by storm, scoring 13 goals in less than 2 months of play.    This season, he is stale, easy to tromp and tentative after an early league slap from Safety honcho Brendan Shanahan.   When Backes and Stewart run at the same high speed, this team will only get better.  Yes, Blues fans, this team can get better.

*Something to Note.  The Blues are winning like this without Andy McDonald, David Perron, a hot playing Patrik Berglund and with a rotating goalie situation.

*With the same players Davis Payne had to work with, Hitchcock is getting results.  It starts and ends with the 0 to 60 style of play and the strong goaltending from Jaro Halak and Brian Elliot.   The Blues passed their test when they survived their first road test, winning 2 and losing 1 in regulation and 1 in a shootout but after a Friday duel in Colorado, they come home for 5 straight beginning with a date with Jonathon Toews and the Blackhawks, a team Elliot shut out to start the wild ride of Hitchcock weeks ago.   The Blues manage to get 2 points tomorrow night and they can come home within a point of the NHL lead by the time their plane lands at Lambert airport Friday morning.   There’s a lot to be excited about in Blues land right now.   The Blues are playing the most consistent hockey their city has seen in 6 years, when they last resembled a legitimate playoff team.    What is the cause for that with the same players running around the rinks?   A new infusion of energy from the coaching department, a veteran like Hitchcock breaking the chain on the talents of Oshie and Daggs and allowing their talent to roam free.    While Payne stressed structure and patience, Hitch is letting the Blues do their own thing on the ice and see where the minutes take them.   Free will is being injected into the cold blue veins of the Blues and its working.   I’ll let you know when it stops.  Hopefully it doesn’t until the end of May.

The Alberto Pujols Epic Contract Bit of the Week-Cubs Getting in the Mix

I won’t sit here and tell you that there is absolutely no chance Albert plays for the Cubs in 2012.  I am telling you that there is a very little chance Pujols takes his talents up north to the windy side of depressive baseball for a few more million dollars per year.   GM Theo Epstein has a new boss in Chicago and he knows about the John Lackey, Carl Crawford and JD Drew deals that Theo authorized.   The Cubs need more than just one marquee player to become a winner again.   Please don’t tell me they need to resell Cubs baseball back to that town. Bullshit.  Wrigley will be filled to the brim no matter what, the same way Kansas City Chiefs games at Arrowhead sell out no matter the record.   Theo needs to spread the wealth or dive after a younger player in Prince Fielder, who has ties to the new manager Dale Sweuvm, who was the hitting coach in Milwaukee.   Looking at this from an un-bias standpoint, I just don’t see it coming.  Buster Olney of ESPN and Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated both shot it down on Twitter and they have no secret agenda.   Heyman said there is no way the Cubs want to battle for Pujols with the Cubs.  They would only lose AGAIN!  Olney said its a smoke screen to raise the price tag for the Cards.  No way.   This comes down to Albert.   The Cards need to make him another offer first, but in the end Albert makes a choice.   Simple as that.   I don’t think Albert is a big enough bastard to leave his kingdom and join the rivals.

He isn’t going anywhere.  Why?  St. Louis is the best possible situation for Albert.  I will say this all the way until New Year’s Day and wrap it into a song because it makes too much sense.  Dan Lozano can be the biggest Scott Boras impersonator and go head to head with The Mighty Shark but in the end this is Albert’s choice and if he is true to his word and gets a decent deal, he will stay here.  Out of Florida, Chicago and St. Louis, Pujols has the best chance to win….here.   The roster is built to contend in 2012, with or without Rafael Furcal back at shortstop.   People complain to this day that he is just one player, but remember he is the best player on this team and the best in baseball.   Why is it that I have to hear Cards fans who hailed him as the greatest on facebook, twitter and in the news now say he can go if he wants.   How do we know what he wants?  I go off what he has said in the past and the consistent dialogue rolling from his tongue.  He wants to retire here, like Stan, play for a contender and win more World Series rings.   This is a guy who would have at least 5 MVPs if it weren’t for a cheating Barry Bonds.   This is the best defensive first baseman in baseball.  The best pure hitter.  People who complain about his age have ZERO PROOF as always and I can tell them if he is hitting like this and might actually be 37 years old, its even more impressive.   If he is so old, why has he only missed scattered amounts of time?  Steroids, they say.  I respond with the missing proof.   FOX 2 once tried to tie Pujols to steroids and took a huge credibility hit.   I go on and on here because this is how you destroy the dim minds in St. Louis who think its okay for Pujols to walk because WE THINK he wants 30 million a year.  That is untrue, thank you Ken Rosenthal.  Albert turned down a reported 9 year, 198 million deal in January and I feel split on that move.  The years were solid yet too long but the salary was around 21-22 million per season.   Good raise but not reaching market value.  I think Lozano got the better of Albert and told him to wait.  Albert responded with a very strong if not typical Pujols campaign and probably dropped his value a bit.   In the end, the only team to offer him 200 million will be St. Louis and since they are best contender, they are the best spot.  When I say this is the best landing spot, I do that out of careful analysis and not blind optimism.  There’s a difference my friends.   Albert to the Cubs is media dog food, meant for short term enjoyment and bringing a bad taste to those looking for a real story.   Allow me to destroy that ridiculous notion.   Back to reality folks.

Next week, the winter meetings will solve a lot of problems and answer several questions.   Next Friday, December 9th, there could be big news coming out of St. Louis.  There’s my prediction, thought and final bit on Pujols Destination 2012 Mania.

Miguel Cotto-Antonio Margarito, Part 2

This weekend, in Madison Square Garden, two men do battle for a common attainable goal.  A reuniting of a rivalry, in and out of the ring.  The chance to acquire revenge and redemption all in one setting.   Cotto is the proud Puerto Rican champion looking to avenge his ugliest loss and his first loss.   A severe beating at the hands of Margarito, a joker of a talent whose career has been marred by the fact that a substance containing the ingredients to create plaster was found in his hand wraps before his Shane Mosley fight, the one right after the Cotto fight in 2008.   A cloud of ethical mystery surrounds the first Cotto-Margarito fight because of those hand wraps.   Yes, Margarito used illegal hand wraps against Cotto.  After reviewing the photos, evidence and reading articles, I can tell you, its clear as day.  Tony cheated here.   It will never be proved and Margarito can deny it until he dies but I will spit it on his grave.   He is a decent puncher but if they found plaster before his fight against an aging Mosley, why would he not have it in his wraps against a powerful hard punching undefeated champion like Cotto.  Put it together folks.   This is a battle between good and evil and it makes for an outstanding night of boxing.   Cotto has won his last two fights while Margarito nearly had his career ended by Manny Pacquiao.   He suffered a broken orbital bone in his right eye from 12 rounds of pounding from Pac Man last November.  Cotto took a similiar beating from Manny yet made it out clean.   Cotto lost his father in 2010 and is fighting for his honor as well, because when he woke up in the hospital after the fight in 2008, his father was waiting for him.  24/7 created the greatest episode of their series’ lifespan last week, when the two episodes covered the handwraps, Cotto’s dad and the buildup to this fight in one thrilling hour.   Ladies and gents, this is a juicy fight because there is legitimate animosity growing between these two men.  Cotto is highly motivated to pound the living crap out of Margarito’s criminally made face and Antonio wants to prove a trip to Home Depot isn’t required to win a big fight.   Saturday night, these two wage war in New York City’s roman palace, Madison Square Garden, the site of many legendary sporting events.   Puerto Rico against Mexico.   Good versus Evil.   Revenge in the air with redemption and falling into one single stove top lit to a high heat.   Boxing fans have to appreciate a matchup like this.   Cotto is a solid legit boxer, carrying a 36-2 record that’s included several battles.   Antonio has 7 losses but is known to be a force that can’t be stopped or knocked down.  Tony has said he will die in the ring.   Cotto will not because of his devotion to his family.   Can you feel that?  The tinkling sensation down below.  I can because this fight is going to be great.   Get a group together, purchase it on pay per view because unlike MMA, this fight will go 10-12 rounds and give you the satisfaction that’s sometimes lost in a 3 minute martial arts fight not involving Dan Henderson.  Book it.

DVD Reviews-

Beginners-An engaging drama/comedy about Oliver Fields(Ewan McGregor), who is given a double dose of life changing news when his father, Hal(an award deserving Christopher Plummer) tells him he has terminal cancer and that he is gay.   This film is injected with a script that creates smooth realistic dialogue and a wonderfully cool and calm pace for a story that starts small and ends up in grand stages.   Oliver is a middle aged man who is afraid of loving someone because he has never truly known his father and the two strike up a friendship 45 years after his dad marries his mom and they only grow closer when he tells Oliver at the age of 75 that he has a gay lover and has always been gay.   The main reason to see this film comes from the experiences and scenes between Oliver and Hal, two men who have collided at the end of the long game of life instead of at the beginning.   A tragically hip love story.   A man getting over the secrets of his father’s life by embracing his past, learning to see life at a difficult angle and opening himself up to loving someone.  Inventive film that takes you places where you carried little idea of before watching this movie.   Whether you are supportive of gays or against their free will(if its the latter, shame on you), this film will find a way to your heart.  Truly captivating and a film I didn’t stare at my watch once during its running time.   Oliver meets a lovely french woman(Melanie Laurent, sexy and free afer Inglorious Bastards breakthrough) and falls for and as the two travel through love’s tunnel together, Oliver takes a look back at his father’s life.  The Beginners is a film that takes you on a journey through a man’s life and doesn’t require any stunts, effects or previous novel to steal from in order to deliver a lovely experience.   Highly recommend Beginners.

The Devil’s Double-Flipping the switch from dramatic comically memory engagement to enraged and dangerous ground here.   Here is another inventive vivid dose of action thriller menace.  Dominic Cooper plays Latif, an ex-soldier living in Baghdad, who is kidnapped one day by Uday Hussein aka The Black Prince, the son of Saddam, and his men.   Uday is also played by Cooper in a brilliant portrayal of hot and cold, noble and evil, wild and tamed, normal and crazy.    Latif is handpicked by Uday to be his double, handling some of his affairs and put his life on the line to maintain Uday villainous rampage of rape, murder and drug using lifestyle afloat.   Cooper plays both and the entire movie rides on his ability to show you the creepiness of Uday and the goodness of Latif, as two souls battle inside one persona.    This is all based on a true story and the real Latif served as a consultant on the film.   The weight of the plot is these two men butting heads, Latif wanting out and Uday wanting him to keep his life in order.   The talent here is in the ability of the director to splice together Cooper as each man into the same shot and not make it look entirely fake.   Cooper owns the film and the brutality of Uday mixed with the soulfulness of Latif makes for a performance of depth. Uday is the enraged petulent child and Latif comes off as the normal person struggling to stay sane.  There isn’t much depth in the movie or obvious reach but Cooper makes it all watchable.

Warning-Flypaper, a bank robbery comedy caper starring Patrick Dempsey and Ashley Judd, is easily the worst movie of the year and in quite some time and will go down as 82 minutes I am never getting back.   Its a horribly written, badly acted, completely stupid and wasteful exercise in witty dark comedy.   A group of people get caught between two sets of bank robbers, and people mysteriously start dying.   The rest is entirely stupid and the only reason I made it to the end was to see the identity of the killer.   Look, its not worth it.  If someone saw this film and told me it was good, I couldn’t take their opinion on film seriously ever again.   DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE.  An ill-advised adventure gone very wrong.

Watching Never Let Me Go as we speak.  A film about three young friends who find out they are genetically enginneered to produce and donate vital organs.  Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan star as the three who start out their young lives at a makeshift boarding school, thinking this is an extended camp or rugged form of Harry Potter schooling.   What they find out is that they are created to extend life by providing their organs to others in need.   Imagine if you were given the opportunity to breathe ever so briefly only to provide a stranger with life while you slowly died and your life span would be complete by their middle age.  You are born and learn to find out you only get to run half the track of life.  This film follows them as they run away and attempt to live their lives as free as they can.   There’s a love triangle between the three that grows as they get older and move to different facilities.   Being a part of these donor packs is like being part of a traveling band.   From the first shot of Carey Mulligan looking down at a donor and telling us her side of the story, this film truly takes hold of you in a powerful manner.   Stay tuned.   Garfield(so good in Social Network and filling Spider Mans shoes soon), Knightley(Pirates, Domino) and Mulligan(The Education, Wall Street 2) are all highly talented young actors and are all very well suited for the roles of dreamers and wanderers through a brief stay on this strip.   That’s only a drip of the plot so wait out for more or seek it out.

The Random Shots-

*Bruce Boudreau was fired because he wasn’t able to pick a talented group of players in Washington and turn them into a top tier playoff team or produce a Stanley Cup.  THose were the expectations and he failed.  He won over 200 games and went 17-20 in the playoffs, including a first round exit two years ago after winning the Presidents Trophy.   Boudreau was a coach made famous for his 24/7 profanity laced rants, once throwing 16 fucks into a single post game speech.   The man wasn’t afraid to say what was on his mind.  In the end, his players performance and his reliance on a team game produced zero results.

*NFL playoff teams are getting an unhealthy dose of bad luck.   The Texans lost Matt Schaub to a foot injury and backup Matt Leinart immediately hurt his shoulder and is out as well.   Tyler Yates starts for an 8-3 team and top seed in the AFC this weekend.   The Chiefs lost Matt Cassel and their replacement, Tyler Paiko, took a pounding from The Steelers and threw 3 interceptions with newly acquired Kyle Orton on the bench.   Orton was rumored to join the Bears, who lost Jay Cutler to a broken thumb, and Caleb Hanie couldn’t life his team above the Raiders, currently without starter Jason Campbell.   Quarterbacks get hurt but in a small 2 week time frame 3 different playoff hopeful teams lost their quarterbacks.   Bummer.

*Sam Bradford hooked up with Brandon Lloyd twice on Sunday on one drive in a glimpse of what the Rams offense could produce.  For once, I saw a Josh McDaniels style offense.   Push the ball downfield, line up 4 receiver sets and run and gun the other teams.   It was a pretty 2 play scoring drive that tied the game at 20 before The Cardinals utilized the Spags failure on 4th down and ended up kicking an easy field goal.

*Just for the record, Patrick Petersen beat the Rams twice this season, with game defining punt returns for touchdowns.   What’s the lesson, Rams fans?   Kick it out of bounds.  If it’s too hard, find a different punter.

*The Blues have only allowed 13 goals in 11 games since Hitchcock took over.  Stronger defense isn’t taking away the penalties but framing up the defensive core of this team.   The Capitals had 11 shots through 2 periods on Tuesday.  An impressive turnaround.

*Tim Tebow won again on Sunday, beating another playoff hopeful team in the Chargers.    He beat another critically loved quarterback in Philip Rivers, and led the Broncos on a game winning field goal drive in overtime to win 16-13.   Tebow wasn’t pretty all the time, but ran the ball 22 times for 65 yards and threw for 168 and a touchdown.  He made two key throws of 20 plus yards in overtime to help set up the drive.   This kid is for real folks.  5-1 as a starter and pulling this Denver team left for dead back to life along with a very strong defense.   Tebow gets most of the credit but Elvis Demervil and Von Miller are beasts on the defensive line and are truly disrupting offenses across the league.  There are equally loaded sides on the Denver team, and the defense has been just as clutch as Tebow.  However, the reason behind the attention on Tebow is that he wasn’t supposed to be this good.  Merril Hodge and Trent Dilfer and tons of other supposedly smart football minds had this kid pegged to fail.   He couldn’t throw like Joe Montana and was STEALING a job from Orton and Brady Quinn.   His own President, John Elway, didn’t want the kid to succeed and knew he couldn’t.   Head coach John Fox resisted the urge to give into Tebow mania.   That’s what people have wrong.   The defense was supposed to be this good.   Tebow wasn’t who they thought he was.  He is making clutch plays and delivering game winning drives.  The defense didn’t help him run 20 yards for a game winning score 2 weeks ago.  hat was an option play that Tebow expanded into a good run.  What started out as an ugly win over Miami has developed into an impressive win over the Chargers.   Results have to measured these days by expectations.  Tebow wasn’t supposed to be this good.   He happens to be pretty damn good.  Tell me he isn’t a quarterback all you want and I will hold those messages and thoughts with my secretary until the kid loses in decent fashion.    He is doing enough and the offense has reshaped itself around his wildcast fused talents.  A strong defense helps.  Tons of doubters help.   I’m not religious AT ALL but I wouldn’t make fun of the kid for his beliefs.  A very strong unbreakable will also helps.  Tim Tebow is for real folks.   He has 5 wins under his belt in 6 tries.  Sam Bradford has 8 wins in 24 attempts.   I’m just saying.   #1 pick against #24 pick.   Expectations are everything here.  The NFL is a results driven league and look at the stats becausey they don’t lie.  Defenses are starting to line up to stop Tebow and he has 8 touchdowns to go with 1 interception.   Add a few rushing scores to that and the manner and clutch time frame they fall in and you get the picture.   Love or hate the guy is a choice.   Respect the results.

*Rams are 0-3 against NFC West and they are facing the 49ers for the first time this weekend.  Preseason hype has officially crashed and burned.  I said this in August.  If this team can’t win in its own division, they stand no chance. A game that involed 2 turnovers, 2 red zone stalls, decent defense, 3 false starts, no clue of direction on offense and a slow decay at home.   The St. Louis Rams everyone.

*Another sign Steve Spagnuolo has to go.   If he manages to steal a win in his final 5 games, which would require some luck, Spags would finish 11-37.   Is that a record over 3 years that a owner will see as progress?  Hell no.   Spags has to go.   If he gets to finish the season after a 49ers pounding this weekend, I’d be surprised.

*Yes, what Ndamukong Suh did on Thanksgiving was wrong but the man is an unforgettable beast. He’s living in 1980 football and chose the wrong route when he denied stomping on a player’s arm after a play and then going back to apologize for doing it.   Suh is a dirty player but its his style of play and it will never change.  Stomping on an arm was uncalled for and prohibits Suh from chasing quarterbacks for 2 games.  The Lions aren’t as watchable.

*Brett Hull is showing interest in joining Tom Stillman’s group to purchase the Blues.   Yes, the proposed purchase by Hulszier still hasn’t been finalized yet, which leaves the Blues on the market.   Hull is serious about joining and it all comes down to the amount of money he throws in and how much it bumps Stillman’s offer up.   A local businessman, Stillman has made two unsuccessful offers to buy the team but maybe just maybe Hull can push him over the limit if Hulszier’s offer falls through.   Hull has a strong history here and a hockey sense that few possess.

*Saul Canelo Alvarez just pulverized Kermit Cintron with a barrage of straight right hands in a light middleweight bout.  Neck snapping power.  Alvarez is the real deal.  Watch out Chavez Jr.  Chavez Jr is a paper champ, and before he KO’d a spent Manfredo he lost a decision in his last fight in my opinion.  Alvarez is an entertaining boxer because he engages and fights straight forward and hits hard.  He reminds me of a smarter Tyson.  His defense needs to improve before he takes on Floyd.  However, if Cotto gets past Tony, id like to see Canelo and Miguel hook up. If Cotto loses, have Canelo destroy Tony.  That’s the fight though.   Chavez Jr and Alvarez are hot and are mexican young guns.   Good speed boost for Alvarez to hand Julio a beating.

*What’s the cost of a drunkened afternoon with your bosses?  A 6.5 mile run to work to pick up the car. Have too much fun partying with your work associates at a holiday function and the beauty lies in running to go pick up your car three days later. 60 degrees, little wind, rain in forecast, I am gone.

*I dropped my family Directly in the Black Friday Walmart mischief. This is where the real side of people arrive. Desperate, deadly and driven.   The Joker was right.  In the end, these civilized people, will eat each other.  Making it out of here alive and sane won’t be easy. Prozac given at door with Jack chaser.

*Watching 2011 Cardinals WS DVD with the family on Thanksgiving. Getting chills reliving the glory road this team paved through Philly, Milwaukee and Texas. Jason Motte taking the mound in Game 1 and walking out of the bullpen in a slow motion shot in Game 7.  A thrilling production from MLB Films and solid narration from my boy Jon Hamm.   Getting emotional and pissed at  the same moments. Craigs two pinch hits, pulling Motte in G2, Pujols’ 3 homers, the bizarre Game 5, Freese in the later games and every moment. The moments still get under the skin. That’s a diehard for you.  Game 6 had a Pacquiao/Marquez like tenacity to it.   One team struck a blow and the other counter punched right back, producing a thriller at Busch that seemed to last for days and was given an ending by Mr. Freese.

Closing Thoughts-

*Urban Meyer goes home to Ohio State.  A proven winner, my future for Meyer would have been painted in NFL colors. Alas, a good decision.  Staying with something he knows.

*Mission Impossible Series-Consistent producers of solid action mayhem.  The Chief export of these films are Tom Cruise stunts.

*If I do one thing in my lifetime, it will be stopping every pedophile on this earth. Syracuse Coach Bernie Fine is the latest molester.

*The Eagles demise isn’t a surprise.  Preseason hype often ends in vicious turmoil.   Didn’t anyone learn from Lebron and Dwayne’s harsh predictions.   Reasons for it are as followed.

1.)Brittle inconsistent QB

2.)Soft defense

3.)Classless acts by star players

*Dexter on Showtime just pulled out a rug that redirects an otherwise dismal and troublingly ineffective season.   A plot twist that redefines the chase of the season for our good guy serial killer.   A perfect place to challenge the downfall of a series that always survives on the thrill of watching Dexter Morgan going hunting.

*Boardwalk Empire simply keeps getting better and better.  Stephen Graham, who plays a young Al Capone, looks to play a heavy part in the Second Season finale.  Just a thought.   Man’s going to make a move.

*When did the line “there are no deferrals, Tommy.  There never have been any deferrals,” carry more weight.   This movie I am watching, Never Let Me Go, keeps adding on pounds of power with each closing scene.   I will leave you to find out the meaning in that line.   FUBAR is a clue.

*Tony Twist looks like a italian gangster coked up musclehead in the postgame here with his monsterous wedding ring, black suit, shirt and purple tie.   The true enforcer still looks like he could destroy a human on the ice.   I heard Twister on the radio recently and he can dish it pretty well.  Very honest.   His bit on “keeping the justice on the ice” was priceless.

*The Russian stout was as strong as Rasputin’s dick hair.   Seriously, I popped one open after a 2am breakfast cooking and it kicked my ass in a good way.   This stout reminds of a Arrogant bastard ale if Stout took shape.  You know what you are drinking, which is good.  I liked it and have drank another bottle since Saturday.   A preferred brew of beer I happen to like a lot in the winter.

*Someone please Tell Mozelaik Tyler Greene isn’t a MLB shortstop.

*My next movie to seek out.  Margin Call, a story about the 2008 economic collapse and the events at one firm the night before the country went boom.  Good cast, energy and script.

*Never Let Me Go is a tragically courageous film.   Three friends struggling in finding the ability to seek the ideal meaning in saving lives by giving your own.  This film will take a piece of you and keep it for a few days.  A piece of your mind runs away with it.

“I wonder if our lives will be any different than the people we saved.   Will we ever know what we lived through or if we had enough time?”-Carey Mulligan in Never Let Me Go

*While I waited on my car getting an oil change last night, I watched the Justified pilot on my Ipod.  That show is so good, so flavorful when it comes to character development, plot and direct blunt action that it makes you anxious for it to return.   Olyphant brings it all together, honing Raylan out of part anti-hero will, old school cool and an authority few actors have on television.   The moment at the end of the pilot episode between Raylan and Boyd before their guns are pulled is the best scene of the series.   This show returns for a third round in January.  Justified is a show to look forward to because it takes a familiar concept and spins a fresh story every week while holding the underlying tone of the show.

*Theo Epstein will overpay for Albert Pujols, but I doubt the Cards will fall for the desperate plea to contend. They have waited this long so they will wait a little more, not that I agree with their strategy.   I can fault the Cards all I want, but if Pujols goes to the Cubs, there is no excuse but to question his decision making.  I highly doubt he will end up in Wrigley.  This story gets little attention from me.

*Drew Brees is a pure weapon when playing against a soft defense in the Superdome.   The midget is unstoppable and is a fantasy dream.  5 touchdowns last night.  If The Pack face a challenge, its New Orleans because Brees can match Rodgers blow for blow.  He came at the Giants with his guns hot.

*Margarito won’t be able to contain the Puerto Rico bald headed monster because he wasn’t able to go to home depot before the fight for the plaster.   Cheating mexican will be fucked in the streets of NYC.   If he dies, he dies.  The poetic justice will be glorious.

*Don’t be afraid to leave the genius button on because you never know when you will be surrounded by a pack of lying, cheating stupid ass spitfucks.   That’s my motto.

*Truly, my motto is not giving up.  On anything in life, give it your best shot because success is ours but we have to fight to maintain and keep it along way.  Strive for greatness but prepare for a downfall.   With that, the musical selection of the week is…

*The Black Keys performing “These Days”, an ode to the never ending will to survive in a competitor’s world.   This band is easily one of the best bands I have discovered in the past 5 years and the genius goes back to their first 2 albums.  This is off their last, the all time great Brothers.  Their new album, El Camino, comes out Tuesday.  Enjoy it like you are supposed to.   Click and listen.


That’s all I have tonight.  A 7,000 word blog/rant here that never seemed to stop because the material kept loading up and I had to bring it.   If you have read some of this material before in a previous email the past couple days, I apologize.  My blogs are collections of my thoughts since the last blog was sent out.  A one man scavanger hunt that accepts anything with substance.  Sometimes, the words come out in a different setting and are recycled here.   It’s what I know how to do.   Tell it like it is until a point gets across.  For now,  I am done.

Thanks for reading and goodnight,

Dan L. Buffa


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