Midnight Talk


A man sits down at a computer desk and stares into the screen.   He is tired yet willing and a tad needy.  There are things inside his head that require exporting before he can rest his eyes.   As he settles his hands onto the keyboard, the screen asks him, “what do you got, tonight?”  The man is bringing the action.   Action of a kind that only a writer can bring.   The earliest form of writing happened when men and women sat down in parks and expressed themselves in words.  In this modern age, the computer is our vessel for releasing tension built up in the mind and body.   The man tells the computer there is a toll to pay.  If he doesn’t write, he fails and remains boddled up like a cage animal.  The computer requests the animal to be unchained and released, if only for a short while.   The man could write for days if given the time, but quality never runs as far as quantity in this game so time is cut short for a reason.   After a brief pause, the man places his hands onto the keyboard and starts to type.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a few things to tell you tonight and I will run down the list randomly with direct action.   Politicians lie, thiefs steal, runners don’t like to walk, singers need a mic and writers only need a little time to compose a thought.   Lets roll into a little dialogue as the MU Tigers tie Arizona with a late touchdown.

*The MU Tigers will put together a decent record but don’t expect a huge bowl game or serious impact.  Jimmy Franklin has weapons and time to grow into the quarterback position in Columbia, but he is no Chase Daniel or Blaine Gabbert. The kid carries the #1 on his jersey but he will encounter serious trouble.  His throwing is marginal and his legs only take him so far.  T.J. Moe is a NFL ready receiver and will put up fine numbers but hold your expectations on this team.   They are tied at 30 with 3 minutes to go and Arizona State is driving down the field as I type.  In a few moments, the Tigers may be 1-1 on the season, so hedge your bets somewhere else and watch this team rebuild under Gary Pinkel again.

*The Cardinals score a huge come from behind win tonight against the Atlanta Braves, and cut the wild card deficit to 6.5 games heading into tomorrow evening’s game.   A game big in many small ways.  The first come from behind win for the Cards since early July, when Tony Cruz sent us home at Busch against the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Down 3-1 in the 9th inning, Albert Pujols came to the plate and once again established himself as one of the best late inning clutch bats in the game.   After grounding into his 29th double play ball in the 8th inning, Pujols arrived in the ninth with the bases loaded and 2 outs.   On the second pitch, he drilled a hit down the right field line and tied the game. Pujols delivered in the clutch, like he has been doing for 11 seasons.   At the core of Pujols, he is a team player who does anything to help his team win.   With his batting average at .298 and 87 RBI, Pujols is directing all his power towards these final 18 games.   Soon enough, his bat and glove is put down and he will engage in contract talks that may decide the rest of his baseball career.   Let’s enjoy his final 3 weeks here whether it’s his final days in red or not.   Tonight was an old fashioned treat.  More details on the game.

*Jason Motte pitches a 12 pitch 10th inning, blazing through the heart of the Braves order.   Motte carved up Brian McCann, Dan Uggla and Freddy Freeman to send the Cards to the bottom half.   He now carries a 1.67 ERA and has only allowed 1 run since June 24th.  Brilliant work for Motte, who is making every possible statement to close in 2012.  With his team falling out of the race and wavering at the contention line, Motte has stepped up and put together a streak for the ages.  A big moment for the kid who was catching for Memphis 4 years ago.   Motte is the Cardinals first pure red gunslinger in years.  Appreciate his work.

*Edwin Jackson is doing everything the Cardinals asked him to do when he came over in a trade from Chicago on July 27th.   In 9 starts, Jackson has produced a quality start in 7 of them.   He has pitched 6 or more innings and only allowed 2 or less runs.  Quality starts are legit folks.   They keep a team in a game.  Jackson is a strikeout pitcher learning to pitch here in St. Louis and putting together a consistent streak of reliability.   A serious candidate for the team to consider bringing back if the finances are there.

*Braves closer Craig Kimbrel is lights out, except when he faces the Cardinals.   In April, Kimbrel blew a save and lost a decision on back to back days.   Before giving up Pujols’ 2 run single, Kimbrel had put together a Motte like streak, not allowing a single run since June 11th and striking out 67 batters.   He carried 39 saves and hadn’t blown a save in 3 months.  Friday’s blown save was Kimbrel’s first in his last 26 chances.  The Cardinals are Kimbrel’s poison pill.  How many times does a team defeat a great closer 3 times in a season.   Kimbrel cuts up the Phillies, Giants, and Brewers.   The Cardinals have his number and this spells trouble for the Braves in the final 2 games.

*For those of you rooting for the Brewers to lose in Philidephia this weekend, remember one thing.  Next week, the Cardinals travel there for 4 games and will face Roy Halladay and/or Cliff Lee along with the rest of the rotation and the fiercest lineup in the NL.   Cheer now, but forever hold your peace.

*Jon Jay is hitting .307 while Colby Rasmus is on the DL hitting .239 with 2 HR and 8 RBI with the Blue Jays.   With Brian Tallet and Trevor Miller released, Rasmus is the key piece in the deal and he flunked this season away.   Jackson, Marc Rzepcynski and Octavio Dotel have helped the Cards win games.   Jay rebounded from a slump and is thriving again.   This is 2 seasons in a row that Jay has played a ton of games and hitting around .300 at the end of the season.   Ladies and gents, he no longer is a 4th outfielder for this team.  He is a starting center fielder.  He offers you more now than Rasmus and I’ll take my bets on him producing more next year as well.   A highly scrutinized trade at the time looks aces for the Redbirds right now regardless if they make the playoffs or not.

*Lance Berkman collected 3 hits last night and also made a run saving catch in the first inning.   Before the year, Berkman’s defense in right field was supposed to be a liability.  After watching him in over 140 games, I can tell you the guy plays a solid right field.  Without a great arm or young legs, Berkman does the little things right.  He cuts off balls headed to the corner, gets the ball back in quick and can make the occasional great running catch.  He misjudges certain hits, but so does every single outfielder in the major leagues.   Berkman has been a slightly above average right fielder and that’s a pleasant surprise for a guy picked to only participate in 120 games.

*The MU Tigers lose 37-30 in Overtime after missing out on an opportunity for a late field goal.  A 48 yard miss by the MU kicker sent the game into overtime where Arizona State took it home.

*Rescue Me note.   One of the things Denis Leary and Peter Tolan did very well was confront 9/11 head on in the right ways.   The characters talked about it all the time, dissected its affect and let it have a dramatic effect on their work and personal lives.   It wasn’t brought up in familiar fashion yet instead bluntly confronted.  A firechief talking about the useless need for a memorial for the fallen first responders and instead needing to remember their deeds and actions.   A firefighter talking about conspiracy.   Tommy Gavin challenging bar dwellers to a 9/11 style name selection.   Creatively and assertively, Leary and Tolan confronted the aftershocks of 9/11 in a way no documentary or series can.   They were the first responders to the creative bay of dissecting and explaining 9/11’s aftermath.

*The Blues name David Backes captain a day after 20,000 Blues fans request the move.   This was the best move of the offseason.   Any sports team is like any company or corporation.  Infrastructure is required.   A leader with his assistants at his side.  Backes is the 20th Blues Captain in franchise history and his alternates are Barrett Jackman, Alex Steen, Jamie Langenbrunner and Andy McDonald.  A solid move by the franchise that sets up the preseason opener on September 20th.  I’m excited to see what this team has in store for us.

*The Rams have a solid chance to win on Sunday but please don’t consider the Eagles a push over folks.   Michael Vick and his receiving corps and defensive upgrades will create plenty of trouble for this young Rams team.   Both the leaders on the Rams, Sam Bradford and James Lauranitis, will face challenges of every kind on Sunday.   Can Bradford find receivers in the strong Eagles secondary?  Can Lauranitis keep Vick in check?  It’s going to be a battle and while the Eagles aren’t a dream team, they are a tough group.   I’m hearing around town that this game is in the bag and whoever says that is a fucking moron.  I’ve followed and loved this team since they landed in 1995 in St. Louis, but I also love honesty.  I want the Rams to go 15-1 this season, but my realistic guess is 9-7.   That is enough to win the NFC West.  However, the Rams will have to improve on the road, a place they didn’t fare too well in 2010.   Aside from their triumph in Denver, the Rams had trouble figuring out teams outside the Ed Dome.  Terrible defeats in Tampa, San Francisco and Detroit broke this team last season.  Have the Rams made the necessary changes to get to the next level?  On Sunday, we find out what this team is really made of.   Preseason wins are meaningless.  The truth is required to fully appreciate a team’s success.

*Sam Bradford will face the pressure of being a known commodity.  Can he handle it?  Yes he can.  He will be able to adapt because he is a smart grounded kid who knows how to use his teammates.   He doesn’t accept decent performances and has the burning desire to win inside him.   The NFL knows about him now and will bring the pressure.  Ray Lewis, James Harrison and A.J. Hawk are licking their chops right now.

*The Cards have lacked a lot of late inning comebacks….in the second half of the season.   Friday’s thrilling win was their 10th come from behind win of the season.   In June, this team went flat.

*I am entering the twilight zone otherwise known as the final week of time before the projected birth date for my kid Vinny.   Today is September 10th, and the projected date was September 18th.   Soon enough, we are on a literaly anytime basis.   As I write this, I am getting short of breath and becoming lightheaded.  Like someone just flipped over my pair of aces in the middle of the reveal of the bridge in a texas hold’ em tournament.   Everything is on the table now.   At any moment, my life can change.  Labor can begin any moment now.

*If you want a different look back at 9/11, consider 9/11:The Days After on the History Channel.  It airs tonight at 630pm and on Sunday evening.   Without narration, the footage is raw looks from amateur photographers and local TV crews.  Firefighters and police organizing rescue efforts or just pausing to come undone for a moment.   People offering blood, sweat and any form of help.   Search efforts.   Phone calls and messages on radio shows from people calling around the Towers as they were hit.   While we all know the story and seen the documentaries, this is a different look.   A brutally raw portrait of an American tragedy.   Give it a look.

*Lincoln Lawyer, the 3rd time.   A great movie and still my pick for the best movie of the past year.  Matthew McCoughnahey is so good as Mickey Haller, the go for broke suit who represents the roughest and toughest souls in LA and does his work like a slick snake out of the back seat of a Lincoln town car from the 1970s.  The cast is strong and the direction is assured.   The real thrill of this film is the unfolding of the detective story at the heart.  A man charged with assault and battery claiming he is innocent but carrying a scent of mischief.  After an early reveal, the film doesn’t skip a beat because of the strong story and the satisfying conclusion.   A good time at the movies.   MM is the blend of movie star and actor that is long been underappreciated in Hollywood.   Akin to Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, McCoughnahey can act and is silky smooth in the role Haller here.   Rent this film TODAY.

*Music Selection of the Day-Lincoln Lawyer Soundtrack pull here.  Like the film, a smooth blues funk track that goes down just right and satisfies the music craving soul.

Marlena Shaw featuring Ya Boy-“California Soul”


That is the end of my round of ammo tonight.   Thanks for coming and reading.  I appreciate each click and set of eyes that I can get.   I do this for my own ease and don’t expect a response but appreciate every reply.   My work here is done, so I am retiring for the night.

Coming Soon…

-A Live Daddy Blog

-Warrior Film Review

-Cards weekend wrap up

-Entourage Finale Review

-More Rescue Me Notes

-A Gift Package in the form of Ari Gold clips, George Carlin advice and a solid article about Flight 93.


Until then, take care of yourself and keep your opinion relevant.

Goodnight and good luck,




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