‘Wonder Woman’ is the home run that the DCU needed

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins have created a fucking franchise here.


Superhero movies are predominantly led by men, with women backing them up, and helping when needed. Thankfully, director Patty Jenkins has another idea: let a female drive a heroic tale for a change, and perhaps some fun may be had in the process.

Wonder Woman, starring an absolutely perfect Gal Gadot, is the home run DC Comic movie adaptations needed. A no doubt summer movie season launch that should empower women of all ages and entertain movie fans as a whole.

Diana Prince (Gadot) grew up in a place called Themyscira, and became a princess of the Amazons, but her mother (Connie Nielson, picking up the Gladiator armor again) has protected Diana since birth from a powerful god called Ares. Eventually, Diana figures out that she has incredible powers, but needs to find a purpose for them. Continue reading “‘Wonder Woman’ is the home run that the DCU needed”