‘Sweet Virginia’: Independent beauty with dark intentions

Sam (Jon Bernthal) is a simple man with a colorful past that won’t quite let him go. Once upon a time, he was a rodeo star with a family. Now, he is the manager of a motel with a hitch in his step, early on-set Parkinson’s, and is engaged in an affair with a married woman, Bernadette (Rosemarie DeWitt). Essentially, he is a man apart, trying to find his way.

When a troubled man named Elwood (Christopher Abbott) walks into a bar and kills three men, Sam’s small town and existence is shaken up, setting these characters up on a collision course.

Thankfully, director Jamie M. Dagg allows the events of his film, Sweet Virginia, to unfold at their own pace, resisting the urge to speed things up for the audience’s comfort. This is a tense film that doesn’t feel like marching to the drum of its genre’s beat, instead creating its own rhythm. You may have seen this before, but not done in this particular fashion. Continue reading “‘Sweet Virginia’: Independent beauty with dark intentions”