‘Phantom Thread’ sends Daniel Day Lewis out in style

When I think of true artists, a hill comes to mind. The artist stands on top of the hill, blasting his greatness across the world, forbidding connection and sadly, love. Everyone else is busy climbing the hill in an attempt to get close to him, including his family and friends. Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis dive headfirst into the world of an artist in Anderson’s latest feature, Phantom Thread.

This is a fascinating film, and that’s not because it told me a lot about the fashion scene in 1950’s London, which the film is set in. Instead, this movie explored the cost and toll that weighed on a brilliant mind like Day Lewis’ Reynolds Woodcock, a world renowned dress maker, and what happens when a feisty and strong-willed woman named Alma (the amazing Vicky Krieps), enters his life. Continue reading “‘Phantom Thread’ sends Daniel Day Lewis out in style”