’12 Strong’ is a ferocious tribute to the Horse Soldiers

When terrorists struck a blow deep in the heart of The United States on Sept. 11, 2001, there were two questions that lingered: how could this happen, and would it happen again? 12 Strong tackles the latter with pure ferocity. Get ready to be moved and electrified by the story of the Horse Soldiers!

If 12 Strong is any indication,  Daniel director Nicolai Fuglsig is going to make a dent in Hollywood. His first feature film is a stunning tribute to the dozen soldiers who threw the first punch back at the Taliban after 9/11. Equal parts enthralling and powerful, 12 Strong is movie that aims for the heart and wins. Continue reading “’12 Strong’ is a ferocious tribute to the Horse Soldiers”


‘Thor: Ragnarok’: Proof that Marvel knows how to have fun

Thank you Taika Waititi for finally giving Thor a sense of humor.

The comedy in Thor: Ragnarok, the third solo adventure for the God of Asgard, is the key ingredient that makes this cinematic adventure a slice of delight amid the early rush of Oscar season.

Let’s be honest. After the first two Thor films, I was ready to move Chris Hemsworth’s avenger into the “supporting” department of Marvel. Like Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, there was only so much to the character that an isolated story ran dry too quickly. You were good with a partial serving instead of an entire dish. Continue reading “‘Thor: Ragnarok’: Proof that Marvel knows how to have fun”