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5 Reasons to see Amy Schumer in St. Louis

55a60708c8e92.imageIt’s possible that some of you have no idea who Amy Schumer is, but that should all change by the end of the year. She is everywhere and other places as well. This winter, she is bringing her standup comedy tour to the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. The 34 year old New Yorker is the writer, producer and star of the Comedy Central series, Insider Amy Schumer, but she is also making waves in other circuits as well. She starred in the hit comedy, Trainwreck, over the summer and hosted Saturday Night Live this month. If you want a taste of her standup routine, check out her show from the Apollo Theater on HBO right now. She is all over so get used to it. Is she worth watching? Here are five reasons to consider her for a date in December.

~She is legit funny. You won’t find any gimmicks with her brand of comedy. If you like the old classic days of SNL mixed with a new age theme of realism, Schumer will make you laugh. She will make jokes about the squeamish moment in the bedroom, the dating game and the struggle for women as a whole. Unlike Melissa McCarthy, she won’t tire you out with one kind of joke. She is versatile.

~She didn’t just get her newfound success. She earned it, creating the Amy Schumer show, which caught director Judd Apatow’s attention and made him seek her out for Trainwreck. She wrote the film as well as starring in it, and she got that opportunity after years of hard work on the standup scene and after catching a break in the series, Last Comic Standing. She has carried multiple duties on Inside Amy Schumer for two years and is breaking into film. She didn’t simply show up.

~Schumer put Lebron James and John Cena in the same film and made them funny. The star basketball player and wrestler won’t find a better role in film.

~She isn’t just a comedian but someone who cares about real life threatening issues. Her stance on gun control isn’t a call for attention but something she takes very seriously. At a showing of Trainwreck on July 23rd, a gunman walked into a theater in Louisiana and opened fire, killing people and injuring several. A survivor reached out to Amy on social media and since she has taken the issue by the collar. Recently she appeared with New York senator and cousin Chuck Schumer to close the loop holes on gun control. She isn’t a one trick pony folks.

~In a recent Seattle Times article, she had this to say about feminism. “People ask if there is pressure for you to be pushing feminism, and I’m like, ‘No! It’s just part of us.’ And you have to keep fighting.” Enough said!

Schumer, in a lesser way, is like Ronda Rousey. She is reshaping what it means to be funny, provocative and timely for a woman in show business. She is changing the game. Get a taste of that action with her appearance at Scottrade Center on December 18th.