‘All the Money in the World’ doesn’t live up to the hype

Christopher Plummer isn’t bad, but the entire movie seems arbitrary.


Money can’t buy happiness, or even a good movie at times.

Midway through Ridley Scott’s new film, All the Money in the World, J. Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer subbing in for the departed Kevin Spacey) is asked what he’ll pay for the safe return of his grandson, Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer), and his answer is succinct: “Nothing”. That is also what I’d advise you to pay in order to see this movie.

I went into this film wanting to like it all for the wrong reasons. Scott made a courageous gamble in recasting Plummer six weeks before the release, yanking the ugly storm cloud that Spacey would have brought the film. It was a risky move and while the finished product isn’t a bad film, it is quite forgettable. Continue reading “‘All the Money in the World’ doesn’t live up to the hype”